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How Good Is Surfing In Cornwall UK?

How Good Is Surfing In Cornwall UK?

How good is surfing in Cornwall?

Cornwall County has a variety of attractions that make it a popular destination throughout the year. The milder climate is an allure to all Britons. The ideal location bordering the Atlantic Ocean provides a long coastline suitable for maritime sports. Cornwall has close to two hundred beaches that complement the variety of sports and especially surfing.  Surfing is a sport whereby one rides on the top of a wave while standing or lying on a surfboard. There are numerous surfing spots. Certain spots satisfy the dream of a surfer. Surfers are travellers and are always in search of the ultimate wave. Beaches do not have the same wave quality. Surfers sit within proximity as they have identified the wave that brings the best thrill.  At Cornwall, several beaches are renowned around the world. Various factors determine a surfing spot. Firstly, there is a wide swell window. A swell is a subsequent series of mechanical waves that move along the interface between water and air. Reliable offshore winds facilitate this.  Secondly, there is to be a long-wave face. The wave face ought to break down steadily. An ideal surf spot should provide these waves throughout the year. The long stretch of beach and warm temperatures has made Cornwall the United Kingdom's surfing capital. It hosts several professional surfing competitions in Europe. The most visited surfing beach in Cornwall is the Fistral beach at Newquay. Fistral beach provides swells of up to eight feet. Many individuals rush here in the summer as it gets crowded. It is amongst the best-surfing destinations. High cliffs and dunes support the beach. It has held several surfing competitions such as the Famous Night Surf, Broad Masters championship, and National Surf championship. Gwithian beach has a long beach supported by dunes which makes it ideal for surfing. The constant swell throughout the year brings in many enthusiasts.  There are several shops and restaurants for enthusiasts. Many shops offer surfing gear for hire at affordable rates. Once at Cornwall, one cannot lack a surfing spot. This makes it the ideal surfing destination due to its numerous locations. Cornwall is a popular surfing destination as it also provides surfing training. There are several surfing schools for beginners. The Escape Surf School at Newquay has over fifteen years’ experience teaching surfing. Training involves how to hold the surfboard and get to feet to surf. Stabilising the surfboard is critical to enjoying the surf.  Fistral Beach Surf School is open throughout the year and enjoys the most surf training in the United Kingdom. General surfing safety tips are available. These include keeping a safe distance from other surfers and the board's position when a wave is coming.  There are plenty of other schools in Cornwall. These include Padstow to Bude and other areas. If one is seeking to surf in the UK, then Cornwall County provides the best surfing spots. Those with limited experience are welcome as there are several training facilities. The professionals are encouraged to sign up for one of the surfing competitions and display their skills amongst the best.
Is Cornwall A Great Place For Families To Travel?

Is Cornwall A Great Place For Families To Travel?

The county of Kernow is as diverse as anywhere else in the world, filled with awesome Cornwall destinations that will blow your mind. From quaint fishing villages to sandy beaches, miles of craggy granite coasts to verdant forests, open moors to exceptional architecture and everything in between, you need not fail to visit some of them when you pass by. There is a world full of wonder twice as nice awaiting the kids with destinations such as Adrenalin Quarry in Liskeard, Lappa Valley in St Newlyn East, Camel Creek Adventure Park in Wadebridge, Tamar Valley Donkey Park and St Ann's Chapel, and Cardinham Woods, Bodmin. Some of the most interesting places to visit with family include:

Padstow – Foodies’ Palace

Wondering where to get some grubs in this wonderful city? Look no further than Padstow which is by a long shot the best place for a tourist’s food break. You could have an outdoor dinner every night in this beautiful seaside town. In an attempt to fill out your taste buds, purpose to visit one of the four Rick Stein’s restaurants and if you are a curious cyclist, Padstow also offers a great location to stay in awaiting the renowned Camel Cycle Trail.

Newquay – Surfers’ Heaven

Newquay fascinates global sufferers because of its constant array of waves and spectacular beaches such as Great Western Beach, Watergate Bay, and Fistral Beach. It also frequently hosts surfing tournaments and events including the yearly Board-masters Festival, branding it of the best places to go on vacation in Cornwall for those who fancy surfing breaks.

St. Ives – For Lovers Of Art

This is the art centre of Cornwall and the home of the Barbara Hepworth Museum, Sculpture Garden, and Tate St Ives alongside many other smaller galleries. It attracts world-class artists, exhibitions, and events all year long, you will always be right if you are searching for Cornwall's art scene. Similarly, St Ives is a lively and vibrant seashore town with numerous popular beaches in the area.

Fowey – Couples’ Paradise

This is for those who fancy history and love to learn about the encouragement behind the works of favourite authors. Fowey is one of the top-tier places to visit in Cornwall. You can learn about Kenneth Graeme’s motivation for his well-known story of delightful Wind in the Willows River Cruise which is at Fowey Estuary.

Port Isaac - Best For Walkers

Any clue where that famous TV series about hot-tempered Doc Martin was shot? Well, if you visit Port Isaac, you may spot the landscape and perhaps some of the places in the area. Explore and see if you can locate the houses that were Doc Martin’s neighbours. It is also an excellent getaway destination to free oneself from the hustle and bustle of the city. Set off to the stunning rugged coastline, its elegant spot for strollers boasting of its easy access to the South West Coast Path.

Final Thoughts

It feels all too rewarding to see Cornwall feature in one of the top family and peer destinations, with the rise of staycations which immensely buzzes the market. Family retreats are usually full of fun entertaining activities for young stars and the whole family ranging from waterparks to boat trips.

A New Year, A New You

Will 2021 bring any of us good fortune, or will it be more of the same?

This is probably the hardest start of a New Year that any of us have ever faced. Usually, December 31st is full of people wishing each other good luck on the stroke of midnight, exchanging hugs and kisses. This year, it’s more likely to be a collective worldwide deep breath while we brace ourselves for whatever January brings. 2020 has brought us the hardest 12 months in modern history. This year, there will be no Times Square celebrations, no crowding along Princes’ Street in Edinburgh to watch the amazing fireworks displays, in fact, this new year eve we will all be staying home - just like every other day of the year in 2020. To celebrate the new year, usually by means of giant New Year’s Eve parties, is one of our most cherished years on year traditions. But when the clock strikes midnight this year, will we even really notice? The start of 2021 is likely to bring even stricter lockdown restrictions across most, if not all, of the UK. With the NHS seemingly about to crumble under the pressure of Covid admissions, cases higher than at the peak of the first wave, and the Nightingale hospitals all scrapped due to a lack of staff to operate them, how can we possibly be facing anything other than a second national lockdown to start the New Year? It’s highly likely that this year’s New Year resolutions will be more like ‘I must not hoard toilet paper’ rather than anything truly life-changing, because, honestly, how can we collectively cope with any dramatic changes in our lives when the high likelihood of a national lockdown is the only thought in our minds? So if there’s any chance of the ‘new year, new you’ that this time of year usually brings out in all of us taking place this year, it’s got to be in the simple things in life. None of us is in the frame of mind to cope with anything major in our lives right now, not when we have the major thought of an out-of-control pandemic to occupy our daily lives. Simple, yet effective, changes to our everyday lives are likely to be all we can cope with right now. The easiest one for us all to make is to take that daily walk, for a full hour, and work at increasing our pace and distance covered over time. Getting outside in the fresh air is vital at all times, but when we’re locked in our homes for extended periods of time, it becomes even more important than ever before to make sure we go outside and move around on a daily basis. Getting outside for some fresh air In our part of the world, going for a walk along Cornwall’s glorious beaches and surrounding countryside is no hardship at all, in fact, it’s an absolute pleasure at any time of the year. In winter, the miles of golden sands and beaches that Hayle and the nearby towns are famous for maybe somewhat colder than in the summer months, but they are every bit as beautiful. It’s oddly deserted right now, but still bleakly wonderful here. We can’t wait to welcome visitors, and their dogs, back to our chalets sometime this year. We obviously hope it’s going to be very soon that we get the okay from the Government to begin taking bookings and renting out our pretty little homes-away-from-home, but, let’s be clear, all of our lives are more important than a holiday. Right now we need to all do our part to get through this. We can though, make sure we look after ourselves while we do so. Getting outside for that brisk long daily walk will be hugely helpful to you. And if you don’t have miles of golden beaches to walk along right now, don’t worry, we’ll be here for you before you know it. Have a Happy New Year from all us in Hayle, at Twice As Nice Holiday Chalets.
Staycation - The Covid-Friendly Holiday

Staycation – The Covid-Friendly Holiday

Well, it’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?! No-one’s New Year’s predictions last year could have possibly come close to the reality of 2020, that’s for sure. As we exit one of the most testing years in modern history, we may all be thinking longingly about a holiday away to rest, recharge, and recuperate. But are we safe to do so?  Venues, heritage sites, and tourist attractions remain closed. Most of the country’s counties and cities are within high-risk areas (as this article is being written, London and the whole of the South-East are about to enter into Tier 3 restrictions too). Public transport has almost ground to a halt, except in the cities, as Covid really strikes hard. So how can we even begin to plan a holiday for 2021 safely? When will we be able to get into a swimming pool at a holiday resort again, and is holidaying in Britain going to be that much safer?  With the restrictions on air travel set to continue, that last point looks to be a definite ‘yes’. So the good old-fashioned British Staycation looks to be back with a bang: but is it? With international borders either closed or imposing strict quarantine regulations - of up to 14 days for some countries - for the first time in living memory, holidaying within the UK is highly likely to be big business in 2021...providing we’re out of our current Tier 3 lockdown, of course. If we all wear masks and practice social distancing, can we guarantee that we won’t catch Covid if we go for a holiday anywhere in the British Isles? Sadly, it seems as though the answer right now is an emphatic ‘no’, so we do need to first make sure we’re all safe to travel. Right now, all the devolved countries in the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - have different rules and may require you to self-isolate even when travelling within the UK.  But, does that mean you shouldn’t plan a getaway in the Peak District or Cornwall for next year? No, but it does mean you should plan sensibly. At present, if you’re in a Tier 3 area - which most of the Country now is - you can’t travel out of your immediate area for a holiday, no matter how much you may want to. It’s not all doom and gloom though: the vaccine has arrived and has already begun to be delivered around the country. With the vaccine now being rolled out, starting with health workers and the most vulnerable in our society, we have the first glimmer of hope that we may achieve normality early in 2021. We’re not there yet of course, and there’s an anxious time ahead as we wait to see what damage the Christmas relaxation will do. But if we all now stick to the rules, it does seem as though the finish line may be in sight. So wash your hands, sanitise them - and everything you touch - regularly, wear a mask at all times when you leave home, keep two metres apart (especially in places where you don’t know the other people, like at the shops) and remain vigilant at all times. If we do all that, 2021 should be able to bring us the opportunity to relax, away from it all on a beautiful Cornish beach, with the people we love. We can’t wait to welcome you again, but, until it’s safe, please do continue to be extra careful and to look after those around you.