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What Are The Best Things To Do When Visiting Cornwall UK?

Best Golf Courses in Cornwall

Cornwall county is a popular holiday destination in the UK. If not for the Cornwall beach chalets, it's also the perfect place for a golf break.

Golfing In Cornwall

There is no shortage of fabulous golf courses to visit. It boasts of the many parkland courses and excellent links, rolling hills and dramatic coastlines. You can make a great holiday getaway with a visit to some of their exotic locations and get into golfing while away. The lucky ones live in Cornwall, but these are the top golf courses if you are visiting.

China Fleet Golf Club

The course is set in 180 acres of beautiful countryside. It's one of the top golf course and country club in the county. The club has many other facilities, including a bar, restaurant, hotels and practice areas. You will enjoy golfing and the view of the Tamar River. The golf course itself is eighteen-hole parkland with a classic design by Dr Martin Grant Hawtree.

Enodoc Golf Club

St. Enodoc golf course overlooks Camel Estuary. It has beautiful links and high towering sand dunes, which makes it perfect for the sport. You will also enjoy sea views as you explore two of the best links golf in Cornwall. The establishment is second to none, which attracts many people, both locals and visitors. It is found in Rock, the royal sailing town with the picture-perfect harbour. You can also explore the surrounding for some of the best sights and leisure activities.

Perranporth Golf Club

Visit one of the favourite golf clubs in the southwest. Its located just above the Perranporth beaches, it has exceptional landscapes. You will enjoy the surroundings the same way, if not more than golfing. The natural contours will show a different experience with every hole. It has more than sixteen marker posts, that’s why you should consider a course planner if it's the first time there. They have challenging and enjoyable golf on offer, best for experienced golfers and beginners.

Trevose Golf Club

You won't miss Trevose golf club in any list talking about the best golf courses in the UK. The reason it's regarded as one of the best is the links golf and the Atlantic coastline surrounding. It's also because you can play and visit throughout the year regardless of the weather. It's a perfect stop for a golf break because there is so much action happening around the club to experience. The windswept links are the biggest attraction but also space and location.

Mullion golf club

Mullion has a 6000-yard course that gives golfers the most challenging and fun experience. It’s surrounded by rugged cliffs and landscape that makes the best golf setting. The risk-reward par fours and quirky holes make the sport very enjoyable. It was founded in 1895 and has almost gone extinct a few times, but each time manages to come back with a bang. It was once described as short and sweet, but what it lacks in length, the club makes up for it with the unique surrounding.


The five golf courses are among the top hundred in Cornwall. A golfer will never run short of challenging activities because of the many golf clubs in the county. The magnificent coastal settings make most of the courses exceptional with incredible views. They cater for experienced golf lovers and beginners; they are all worth a visit.
What Are The Best Things To Do When Visiting Cornwall UK?

What Are The Best Things To Do When Visiting Cornwall UK?

Cornwall is an amazing place with so much to see and explore. It is the place you can take your friends, family and it also has children-friendly places where you can take your children to have fun. No matter what time of the year you go there, you will always have a fabulous time. You cannot possibly exhaust all the best places in Cornwall since they are vast. There are a lot of seaside towns and villages you can explore. You will get to enjoy mouth-watering dishes of fish and chip shops and enjoy local brews in the bars and taverns. The rugged rocks and sandy beaches will make you want to stay and never leave. Here are some of the best things to do when visiting Cornwall.

Best Things To Do When Visiting Cornwall

Below are some of the best things you can do when visiting Cornwall.

Surf at Watergate Bay Hotel

Watergate Bay hotel is where you can relax, enjoy surfing, eat and socialize with other people visiting the place. You can enrol in the Extreme Academy surf school, which is located next to the beach. There are unique collections of Cornwall beach chalets located in the coastal towns. For all the equipment you will need for surfing, you can get them for hire at the academy. After a long day of surfing, you can enjoy delicious dishes at the hotel. Fresh food from the ocean, such as lobsters and fish, are among the delicacies you can devour.

Hartland Heritage Coast

This is among the destinations where you will love to visit whenever you get the chance. You will get to experience the rural setup of life, which contradicts the commercialized city life that you may be used to. You can exhaust your desire to explore the beach at the Hartland Quay Hotel. The massive rock formations on the cliffs symbolize how incredible the power of nature is to shape and move landscape. To make things more exciting, you can climb the cliffs and search for mermaids or pirate treasure.

Visit a Cornish Jeweller in Truro

Truro is one of the port towns that you should visit while in Cornwall. The Cornish Jeweller in Truro is best known for the antique jewellery from the Georgian period. You can get rare and very unique jewellery. Get to experience a touch of the past heritage and beauty from the exquisite shops and premises. Take a look at some of their homemade gold rings and diamonds created in the town. Get your loved ones souvenirs at the shop premises, be it earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Spoil yourself with gifts, or you can invest as well.

Enjoy the Sunset at Land's End

If there is one thing nature can grace us with, it is the magnificent view of the sunset. There is so much beauty in the sunset that you should not miss out on. At Land's end, you can be lucky to see the sharks and dolphins basking in the evening sun. There are also plenty of cliffs walks you can take, which are lovely in the twilight hours. The sunset lighting the vast sea and the sky on the edge of the Land gives the impression that the sun is dropping on the earth's surface. You can never run out of things to do when in Cornwall. From enjoying delicious dishes t surfing, watching the sunset to collecting various souvenirs. So when you think of going for a vacation, Cornwall is the ultimate place to go!