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The Best Surf Schools In Cornwall

Surf Schools In Cornwall

The Cornish coast is famous for its beautiful beaches and the perfect waves for surfing, and the sport is extremely popular among the locals there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take part when you go on your holiday. Cornwall has many different surf schools that can help you learn to ride the waves like a pro, even if you’re a complete beginner! 

Escape Surf School

The Escape Surf School, which is based in Newquay, has been teaching surfing for over 17 years and their teaching team boasts two ex-professional surfers. The school offers surfing lessons for beginners, intermediate level and advanced level surfers. One of the reasons why the surf school is so good, is because it only teaches surfing, this means that all of the staff there are specifically surfing teachers and not kayaking or paddle boarding teachers.  This means that they are very passionate about the sport and will give you the best lessons possible. Escape Surf School offers both group lessons and private lessons, so if you want to go for your hen or stag party for a bit of fun, or if you want to seriously get into surfing, then they can help you. They also offer kids school holiday surf sessions to get the little ones involved.  The surf school runs sessions 7 days a week, 12 months of the year and they are only closed for Christmas day, boxing day and new years day.  Book your lessons with Escape Surf School here!

Fistral Beach Surf School 

Fistral Beach Surf School is the only surfing academy that operates on Fistral beach. They offer lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. They also operate as a surf hire shop so if you feel like riding the waves even after your lesson has finished, you will be able to hire all the gear you would need to continue your surfing experience.  If you choose to learn at this school, then you are guaranteed to have a professional surf coach teaching you. They will be a qualified surf instructor and lifeguard who have a lot of experience surfing and are very passionate about getting everyone involved in the sport. T The school is equipped to be open all year long and any equipment that you would need will be provided during your lesson, the hire shop also has both summer and winter wetsuits available. Those learning to surf can do so in family sessions, group sessions individually, or in child only lessons. Book your lessons with Fistral Beach Surf School here!

Harlyn Surf School 

Harlyn Surf School is based in Harlyn Bay, and has been operating for over 24 years, and they have recently been named the “best surf school on the north Cornish coast” by the Sunday Times.  One of the ways Harlyn surf school differs from the other is that it offers not only surfing lessons, but also lessons for various different water sports, such as paddleboarding, coasteering and kayaking. This means that there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  The school is based on a ⅔ mile crescent of golden sand that is accompanied by stunning rock pools and it is known as one of Cornwall’s safest family beaches. They have a professional team of instructors which is led by Chris Rea who is the director of the water skills academy. This academy specialises in water safety and instructor training so you know you will be safe in his hands.  The Harlyn Surf School is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so why not book you lessons with them now! You can book your lessons with them here.  So with this many options of safe and qualified surfing schools, what's stopping you ? Get involved in the fun on your holiday to Cornwall this year and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Reasons Why Cornwall Is Famous

Cornwall is known as one of the best places in the UK to go on holiday, but why? There are many reasons as to why people of all ages love to come to Cornwall for their holidays. Not only does Cornwall have its own very special charm, but it also has a huge amount of history behind it and has some of the most beautiful scenery and tastiest food in the whole country. So keep these things on your next holiday in Cornwall.

Cornish Pasties And Pies

For most people, when you think of Cornwall, your mind wanders straight to cornish pasty. These delicious pasties have been a staple in Cornish culture since the 1700’s and are still as popular as ever now. The pasties are made with golden flaky pastry and they are filled with delicious meat, vegetables and thick gravy.    The pasties were created with the working men in mind, they could have their lovely meat and veg filling wrapped up in a little parcel for easy transport into the mines. Cornish pasties became so popular, that some mines were even equipped with their own pastry ovens!    Another famous pie that Cornwall is known for is stargazy pie. Originally, stargazy pies were made with pilchards, meaning the main ingredient, that was accompanied by eggs and potatoes. In more recent times, people use different variations of fish to create the pie, which is highly recognisable due to the fact that the fish heads stick out of the pastry!

Cornwall’s Famous Beaches

Cornwall is world famous for its breathtaking coastlines, each beach has its own unique charm, they are quaint and mesmerizing. Cornwall boasts an incredible 300 beaches that span over 300 miles. If you were wondering which are the best to go to when you visit Cornwall, you can find our review on the most amazing beaches in our opinion here   Some of the beaches in Cornwall even manage to give you a tropical feeling, the beaches are equipped with palm trees and the weather itself is even subtropical in parts of Cornwall. So even in England, where the weather is typically miserable and rainy, the cornish coast can give you that feeling of being abroad, relaxing on a carribean beach. 


Image of king arthur mural    Cornwall has so much history behind it, and very little is known about it, for example Cornwall is known to be the birthplace of King Arthur. There are even still remains of the ever mystical and eerie Tintagel castle, which is known as King Arthur’s castle. You can take a lovely walk through the King Arthur Trail which is located along the north coast of Cornwall and visit historic sites like the medieval market town of Camelford and Dozmary pool, where it is rumored that the famous Excalibur lies.   There are also many different Cornish folklore stories that involve mermaids, one of the most memorable being the “Mermaid of Padstow.” The story goes that a mermaid and a sailor fell in love and when their relationship ended, the sailor shot the mermaid.    The reason as to why he shot her has many different versions, some say she refused to marry him, others say that she tried to lure him under the sea. After being shot, the mermaid set a dying curse on the harbour of the River Camel stating that the harbour would be unsafe, unusable, and desolate. 

Roger Taylor

Probably the most famous person to have ever been more in Cornwall is Roger Taylor (pictured above). He is the drummer for one of the biggest bands in the world, Queen. Roger was born in Cornwall in the city of Truro and was educated at Bosvigo and Truro schools.    Whilst still at school, Roger was touring Cornwall as a drummer in the band “The Reaction”. It wasn’t until he moved to London to study dentistry that he ended up in Queen which went on to become the biggest band in the world. Roger still has a holiday home that he visits regularly in Cornwall on the Helford river. 

Cornish Cream Teas

A cornish cream tea is similar to an afternoon tea, it consists of a pot of tea served with scones and all the accompaniments, cornish clotted cream, jam and even sometimes butter. Cream teas similar to this are served throughout England, but none of them compare to the fresh cornish clotted cream and handmade scones that are served in Cornwall.    One of the best places to go for a cornish cream tea is the Lakeside Cabin Cafe which is located in St Ives, it has a 5 star rating on tripadvisor. Although this is one of the best, there are hundreds of quaint seaside cafes that serve delicious cornish cream teas for you to enjoy. 

The Seafood Restaurant

The Seafood restaurant is a Michelin star restaurant that was founded in 1975 by Rick Stein and his wife Jill Stein. The restaurant has an international reputation for serving extremely high quality fresh seafood. The head chef Pete Murt uses locally sourced produce to create simple yet exceptionally tasty seafood dishes.    Within the restaurant, there is a seafood bar, which is used to serve incredible platters of oysters, sashimi, and langoustines, which are delicious norway lobsters. The restaurant also has 16 beautiful guest rooms which are available to book on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis.