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The Best Farm Shops Cornwall Has To Offer

Theres nothing better than fresh local produce, and it is now more important than ever to support small businesses, and shop local. Here in Cornwall we have some of the freshest and tastiest meat and produce, and our local farmers have set up their own little farm shops to give customers the opportunity to but these products at their absolute freshest. Here are some of the best farm shops that Cornwall has to offer. 

Padstow Farm Shop, Padstow 

One of the goals of Padstow Farm Shop is to minimise their carbon footprint, which is extremely important when it comes to helping the environment. The shop has been open for over 15 years now, supplying the locals with fresh produce, as well as supporting other local small businesses, such as artisan cheese producers, and local bakeries. Another thing that the farm shop prides itself on it how they care for the animals before they get to the butchers counter. All of their animals are free range amnd pasture fed. Not only is this more ethical for the animals, but it also helps to increase the quality of the meat they produce. When you visit the shop you can find a range of fruit and veg, along with a butchery and deli counter. The shop also sells locally produced fresh pasta, so you really can create a whole meal with things you find in the shop. 

Argal Farm Shop, Falmouth

Compared to Padstow Farm Shop, Argal Farm Shop is much smaller although the quality is just as high. This farm shop is a small family run business in the south coast of Cornwall, and specialise in all kind of fruit and vegetables. One of the things that sets the fram shop apart from the others, is that they also offer an organic skincare range, made with entirely with organic ingredients. They also partner with Grumpies Kitchen, who produce fresh meat pies. Grumpies also offer gluten free and vegan pies, meaning this fram shop  really has something that everyone in the family can enjoy. One of the best sellers at the shop is their delicious homemade cakes and pastries. 

Hilltop Farm Shop, Camelford

One things that makes the Hilltop Farm Shop different to the rest, is that it also has a restaurant and cafe. Inside the farm shop, you can find succulent fruit and deliciously fresh veg. In the cafe you can find yummy breakfasts and traditional cornish tea’s. At the restaurant, they often host themed nights, in the past they have hosted cocktail nights, spanish tapas nights, and also burger nights, where all of the food is homemade, using locally sourced ingredients. The shop itself has been notimated for the Cornwall Muddy Awards and has reached the final alongside Padstow Farm Shop. the shop also stocks locally produced Tan Dowr Cornish Vodka. 

Lobbs Farm Shop, Heligan 

Lobbs Farm Shop has one of the most diverse ranges of products on this list, but one of their most popular products, which they pride their self on, is their cornish raised beef and lamb. In their shop they also sell a range of alcohol, inclouding locally brewed beers, and wines. One of the best parts about Lobbs Farm Shop is the beautiful location. The shop is located right next the breathtaking lost gardens of heligan, which makes for a lovely day out, especially since the farm shop is open 7 days a week. Inside the farm shop ou can choose from huge ranges of frsh fruit and vegetables, and British Farm Assured meat. 

Boscastle Farm Shop, Boscastle 

The Boscastle Farm Shop has won many awards due to the fantastic quality of their meat and fresh produce. Along with Lobbs Farm Shop, Boscastle Farm Shop, it is surrounded by beautiful scenery recognied by the National Trust, and is only 50m from a coastal walking trail. One of the unique things about this farm shop, is the fact that they also sell fresh locally sourced lobster straight from the coast. They also sell homemade baked goods such as pies and cakes. The shop also ensures that they used home grown, and locally sourced products wherever possible, to ensure that they operate as ethically as possible.


How Did Cornwall Celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee?

As we are sure the whole country is aware, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her platinum jubilee over a four day bank holiday weekend. She is the first monarch in history to have spent 70 years on the throne and celebrate a platinum jubilee. All across the country people have been celebrating with street parties and parades and the festivities here in Cornwall were nothing short of amazing. Here is how Cornwall celebrated our monarch. 

Street Parties 

The streets of Cornwall were full of people having afternoon tea complete with scones and cakes galore. Tables were covered with union jack’s and flags were hung from lamposts. You could really sense the unity felt by the whole town. These street parties took place all across Cornwall, whether that be in St Ives, Hayle, or Newquay. Fun was had by all members of the families, with older generations being ble catch up with friends, after having spent many months shielding due to Covid, and the children took full advantage of their two extra days off of school to meet new friends and play new games. 


In some of the bigger towns, parades were thrown with local people showing truly how much the queen had over seen in her magnificent reign. One of the bigger parades was helt in Truro, where the town crier led the way through the streets and was seemed like the whole town followed him. Their end destination was Truro Cathedral was a service was given in honour of the Queen and to show thanks for all of her service. Another notable parade that took place was in Falmouth. The town watched on as the Falmouth Marine Band lead the troops through the town centre, until the reached their destination of the event square, where further festivities took place. 

Beacon Lightings

Beacon lightings were happening up and down the country, in fact a total of over 3000 beacons were light around the country and Cornwall was no different. Almost 50 beacons were lit throught Cornish towns. Lighting beacons has been a tradition for royal events such as jubilee’s, weddings and birthdays ever since 1897. 

Choirs And Bands

Throughout Cornwall many town choirs payed homage to the Queen by singing the national anthem, and other distinctively royal song’s. Many of the bands covered the new jubilee song “A Life Lived With Grace”, which is originally sang by grammy winner, Gregory Porter and the London Community Gospal Choir. The song was written to show how graciously our queen has served us over the past 70 years, the cornish people really resonated with this song and the choirs and bands that chose to perform it were thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Big Jubilee Lunch At The Eden Project 

On Sunday the 5th of June, the Eden Project held a “Big Jubilee Lunch” which had free entry. The lunch consisted of music, performances, food and fun, all based around celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. The entertainment for the day included a samba band, circus performers, and a hige 30-piece live band. Attendees were encouraged to bring their own picknet, which could be enjoyed and any of the long tables, or the various picnic blankets laid out around the arena. Arts and crafts stalls were also available around the venue to ensure that children were entertained all day.

Sam Ryder Performed At The Palace 

One thing that i’m sure made us all very proud to be Cornish, was getting together and watch our very own cornish space man Sam Ryder perform at the “Platinum Party at the Palace” held at Buckingham Palace. Sam Ryder represented the United Kingdom in Eurovision this year and got us our best result in a long time. His song “Space Man” shot up the charts after his performance at Eurovison and managed to take the number one spot. After this amazing triumph, Sam was invited to perform at the palace alongside the likes of British rock legends Queen, the casts of hit musicals such as Lin Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom Of The Opera'' and the breathtaking Andrea Bochelli. Projectors began popping up everywhere so tht towns could gether together and watch Sam do his thing on the big screen, and boy did he do us proud. 

It’s safe to say that here in Cornwall we had a fantastic time celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. This monumentous triumph for the Queen will be historic and i’m sure we will be talking about how we celebrated for many, many years to come.


Restaurants You Have To Try During Your Stay With Us In Cornwall

Cornwall is a favorite 'foodie' destination, where seasonal local produce, organic small-farm meat, and fresh-as-you-like seafood are celebrated.

Below are the seven best restaurants you can try out when you visit Cornwall.

Hub St Ives

The hub is an old favorite restaurant for many Cornish residents. The restaurant is located just opposite the lifeboat station in St Ives harbor. It is also popularly known for the Southwest's finest burgers.

They offer a modern menu of delicious burgers from aged Cornish rare breed beef. A hub is ideal for fantastic foods, sipping cocktails, and international and local craft beer, all while you watch the beautiful scenery.

Mickeys Beach

Mickey's beach bar and restaurant is a place where you can put your daily worries aside and have a good time. It is located directly on Exmouth beach seafront.

The restaurant offers the best local food and drinks in the area. It is also twice as nice as other restaurants since it offers you a place to chill and relax after a long stressful day.

Aside from the best food and drinks, the mickeys beach is a place to visit with the best cocktails, takeout meals, Apres beach dining, and music at Mikey's beats.

While at the restaurant, you also get to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets over the Lyme bay.

Edie's Kitchen, Carlyon Bay

Edie's kitchen is a restaurant located in the old market town of St Austell, South Cornwall, on the beach road in Carlyon bay. The restaurant is a reasonably priced hotel and an ideal place for family outings with local produce.

Edie's kitchen is a venue that is praised with a simple menu that includes an abundance of fresh fish dishes, among many options. The restaurant's menu changes regularly, offering fresh ingredients in flavorsome combinations.

The Ugly Butterfly

The ugly butterfly restaurant and bar is located at Carbis bay estate, Carbis bay saint Ives. It offers a spectacular view across the world's most beautiful coast, Carbis bay.

Ugly Butterfly is famously known for converting locally sourced, quality ingredients into beautifully presented British dishes. It also offers the perfect setting for a memorable all-day dining experience.

Its bar uses offcuts and trims from the ingredients used in the restaurant to create delicious drinks and snacks. As a leader in sustainable hospitality, the ugly butterfly restaurant and bar is a perfect home away from home.

Gurnard's Head

Gurnard's head is a bar along the cliff on the magnificent coastal route from St Ives to Land's end. The restaurant stands out since it is painted in a vibrant mustard color.

There is a garden to eat in in the summer, and in the winter, there is a roaring log fire to welcome you inside from the howling winds. Gurnard's head has a bar where you can order a snack and a pint of local beer or dine in the restaurant.

Additionally, the restaurant has a park. When you visit the restaurant, you may park there and have a beautiful walk down the cliffs where there are also rooms.

New Yard Restaurant

The new yard restaurant is located in a historic private estate at Trelowarren in Cornwall. The new yard is popularly known for its gardens and pantry.

You will get cakes, coffee, freshly baked pastries, and the famous wood-fired pizzas from the pantry. The restaurant also has small shops that sells locally made products and wine.

In addition, the new yard restaurant has a walled garden where they grow fruits and vegetables using the regenerative method.

Barbecue Thirteen

Barbecue Thirteen is at the heart of Exmouth, Located in the café district, about 5 minutes from the sea and the breathtaking Jurassic Coast.

When you visit the Cornwall, you should consider visiting the barbecue thirteen and enjoy the best barbecue in history.

You will also enjoy everything about fire cooking at Barbecue Thirteen. From the true smokey flavor you will expect from real coals to the awe-inspiring fire theater.

The restaurant uses fresh, seasonable, and locally sourced produce for its ingredients. Generally, at barbecue thirteen, there is something for everyone.


Why People Should Choose To Go To Cornwall For Their Holidays In 2022

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy some quality time with the family, and it is a time to heal The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy quality time with the family, and it is a time to heal and relax because being behind four walls can be exhausting. The beach is one of the preferred destinations for families because of the sunshine, and the kids can play in the sand all day. One place you can find the beach and a good time in Cornwall. This guide will show you why you should visit Cornwall and how you will have a good time.

Beautiful Scenery

Cornwall offers beautiful scenery, and we are in an age where images capture the heart's desires. It isn't easy to forget a good picture and beautiful landscapes. The family will have the time of their lives as they update their Instagram feeds with wonderful coastal sceneries that make Cornwall so special. Take a stroll along the beach, all the way to Holywell Bay and discover what Cornwall offers.

Top Foodie Destination

If you have the appetite for a good meal, Cornwall is one of the destinations in the UK with quality food and drink. Cornwall is known for its Cornish Pasties, Cream Teas, and famous chefs Rick Stein, John Torode, Jamie Oliver, and Paul Ainsworth have restaurants on Cornwall's shore. Eating out shouldn't pose a problem because of the great pubs and cafes with great views overlooking the beach. Cornish anglers catch a variety of fish that chefs could use to whip up some amazing meals. The new restaurant Alcatraz bar and café is twice as nice as the other eating joints because it is built on the site of a former World War II gun store. The restaurant has wonderful views that will capture your imagination.

Cornwall has the best Beaches

Cornwall has captivating beaches, and it's not just the sand and the sunsets but the tranquil environment the beach offers. For those new to Cornwall, Perranporth is an absolute gem because surfers can enjoy the waves and the sheltered coves, and you can walk with your family for miles as you enjoy the beaches.

Holywell Bay is a sight for sore eyes because it offers distinctive offshore islands used in TV shows to show the land's splendour. Crantock Beach has high dunes and caves that make it a destination you wouldn't want to miss. If you love swimming, you could take a dip at the Gannel Estuary because it has a flat swimming area at high tide.

Quality Accomodation

Families look for accommodation that could suit their needs depending on their size and preference. There are posh hotels and B&Bs with all the amenities you may need because it gives off a feeling of a home away from home. There are cool campsites for those who want to escape the suffocating city atmosphere.

Most families prefer locations where they could self-catering and cook their meals because the basic essence of a holiday is to enjoy quality time while eating the food you love. Families can rent lovely cottages, houses and apartments for the week and have an experience they will never forget.

Fast Internet and a Strong Transport Network

Cornwall has fast internet speeds because it is a landing point for high-speed fibre optic cables, making it an important hub for Europe's internet infrastructure. The hotels, houses and businesses in Cornwall are all connected to the internet, and it allows you to work on urgent matters on holiday.

Cornwall also has a strong transport network making the destination easily accessible for people who wish to go on holiday. Cornwall Airport Newquay is one of the fastest-growing regional airports in the UK. It has enabled more people to access Cornwall, and more people are travelling down to the sandy beaches to have a good time.

Final Thoughts

Cornwall has proven to many tourists of its safe and friendly ambience because there has been a reduction in crime rates, and it is currently one of the lowest in the UK. The people at Cornwall are welcoming because they offer curated tours around the county. The holidays are just around the corner so why not take this chance and have the time of your life at Cornwall county.


Easter Activities To Do In Cornwall

Easter is just around the corner, in case you want to make it fun in Cornwall, worry no more cause we got you covered with a variety of activities to do during this period. Be it you are taking your family along, friends or just an alone time. We have every activity lined up just to ensure you enjoy your Easter holidays.

These are the various activities that you can participate in during this period.

Easter Art Trail

This activity will take place from 6th to 19th of April at Falmouth Art gallery, the fal culture challenges each family that will be involved in this activity to find Easter themed artwork that will be hidden in the nearby Kimberly park,such an activity gives you time to bond with your family in a fun way, it also creates good memory for you and your family during this period of time. since a winner always deserves to be motivated, the Fal culture will ensure that you are awarded with an Easter egg.

The Easter at Knightor Winery

This activity will take place from 2 to 4 of april at Austell,you are all invited to join this Winery for a weekend of delicious food takeaway . They serve you chips and fish takeaway during this time. They even make it better by roasting dinner on sunday. This is a better way for you to meet new people and also bond with your family.

Children Treasure hunt at rock pool

During the Easter long weekend, the Rockpool beach will not be left out since it will be hosting this activity for kids of any age. This is a wonderful way to keep your children entertained while you as an adult take part in any other activity that excites you. Moreover any child that will be able to find the letter will also be awarded as a way of motivation.

Easter Digital Costumed life drawing

This is an activity that involves drawing ,it will be streaming live from the poly where you are challenged to draw by choosing from Knights or pirates. you are also allowed to draw any other thing that makes the Easter period Unique. this kind of activity helps you to explore your talent and manage very many Other things

St Endellion Easter Festival

St Endellion are sharing digital offerings with you over the weekend. they have made it possible for you to watch your family at the comfort of your home. such movies will help you bond with your family just at the comfort of your home. it will also help your family grow spiritually.

In case you crave bonding with an outsider, you can find it being aired in village cinema.

Easter at Cotehele

This is a nature Easter Activity that will be found at Cotehele, they have several family friendly trails with fun activities to do along the way. This will help you relax your body since it is a form of exercise. additionally it will also be an activity that you get to enjoy with your family.

Being considerate, you will be able to chocolate at the end of trail as a form of appreciation for participation.

Easter at the lost garden

This garden is located at St Austell, across the garden and the estate, there are historical camellias and Rhododendrons put on their dazzling spring performance.

The Heligan orchard will be decorated with beautiful Easter colours Inspirations. and down on the east lawn everyone will be invited to write their Easter wish before attaching it to get granted on the created Easter wish tree.

So in case you are wondering what to do during the Easter period , no need to since there is plenty of activities going on here in Cornwall for you to take part in.

Local Theatre Performance in Cornwall

Local Theatre Performance in Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the most serene places in the UK to live, work and play. It has over 300 beaches and the longest coastline in the UK. Furthermore, it offers a beautiful setting for theatrical productions. There are tons of theatres and production companies to choose from across the county. From open-air theatres perched high on the cliffs, there is something fit for everyone's taste regardless of their age. This article will enlighten you on the different plays and shows in Cornish theatres.

Different plays and shows happening in Cornwall's theatres

The beautiful county of Cornwall has marvellous theatres where various plays and shows are performed. Some of the beautiful theatres you can find in this county includes Minack theatre, Hall for Cornwall, the poly at Falmouth, the miracle theatre and many more. Here are the different plays and shows happening in these theatres.

The CGS spring flower show

One of the best shows happening in Cornwall is the CGS spring flower show. The show showcases springtime horticultural beauty. It dramatically displays ornamental trees and shrubs, pot plants, herbaceous, camellias, photography and floral art, among other classes. The CGS spring flower show is one of the most extensively respected shows in the UK. It attracts more than 10000 people and over 150 trade exhibitors and professional growers across the UK.

The Porthleven Food festival

This event is not just a food festival. It involves lots of entertainment in the form of gourmet events and music sessions. This food festival brings hundreds of people together to eat and enjoy. National and international chefs usually attend the event, and you get to enjoy food from the streets and food stalls. Then people march and sing around the beautiful harbour of Porthleven.

The Royal Cornwall Show

The Royal Cornwall show is a traditional family occasion that highlights the agricultural activities of the year. It takes place in the Wadebridge showground and provides a lot of information, competition, shopping and everything that is best in food and agriculture. The show attracts tons of visitors, and there is something for every family member, both kids and adults. In this show, people get a chance to view different animals and birds. You will find goats, sheep, rabbits, bees, dogs, poultry, cage birds and other rare breeds.

Cornwall Pride

The Cornwall Pride is a fantastic event that is colourful, inclusive, and fun. It enables people to celebrate diversity and raise awareness about inclusivity. This vibrant event was started in 2008 to bring the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and marginalized communities alongside their friends and family across Cornwall. The event begins with a parade through the streets of Newquay and later an after-party with lots of live music and entertainment.

Bude & Stratton Folk Festival

This festival is a welcoming and friendly event in the seaside town of Bude,4 North Cornwell. It features sharing traditional acoustic music, storytelling and songs. It also has a small schedule featuring kids’ events.


There are lots of fun and engaging activities in the theatres across Cornwell County. From shows, outdoors, acting, to performances, you will get an event that suits your taste. Also, you can enjoy your stay in Twice As Nice Beachside chalets. Some of the shows and plays happening in these theatres are; the CGS spring flower show, the Porthleven Food Festival, the Royal Cornwall Show, Cornwall pride and the Bude & Stratton Folk Festival. You will find a festival to engage in on every visit to this great county!