Best Gardens to visit in Cornwall

Best Gardens to visit in Cornwall

Best Gardens to visit in Cornwall

Cornwall is accounted as being the 41st most densely county in the UK out of 47. Now that isn’t a lot when there is around 550,000 living within the area however that does mean that there are a lot of places to go to. It is the 9th biggest county and within the county, there are many gardens to explore. There is a lot of natural beauty and it has some surreal natural environment making you think, are we actually still in the UK?

Caerhays Castle and Gardens

Caerhays Gardens is situated in  60 acres of woodlands gardens within the valley of South Cornish Coast, overlooking Porthluney Cove. This place alone has many historic events as it was owned by the Grandson of Micheal Williams, J.C. Williams who established it from just a castle into a garden.

The garden had been created under the inspiration from an expedition in China and was created using the plants; rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias and camellias.

Rhododendrons                     Azaleas                          Magnolias                  Camelias

These flowers are breathtaking to look at during its peak when it has bloomed hence the reason as to why it is known as a spring garden. Another reason for this is because of the fact that the garden is only open during the period of Spring, 7 days a week between 10 am and 5 pm.

Many plantsmen and gardeners throughout the UK are very fond to come to this lush garden. There are over 80 UK record-sized trees in the gardens and those who get a chance to take a little snap of the vicinity could potentially get themselves a couple of pounds by selling the picture on to a website or a photography competition. You could even be a photographer on the day for someone who may have a special event going on. Who knows? You can even hold your wedding here.

With a unique microclimate, why not come down and visit the garden while you can.

Contact Details

Cornwall, St Austell, Caerhays Castle, Gorran, PL26 6LY

Telephone:01872 501310

Email: [email protected]


Trebah Gardens

Image Sources: Trebah Garden

The image above looks like a tropical rainforest. But you’re quite mistaken. This is from the Trebah Garden. Open all year round, is a sub-tropical paradise that you’ve never seen before. With over 175 years of dedicated planning, it has been created into a stunning valley with a backdrop leading into an alluring coast. This would be a perfect excuse to walk your dogs down and take a look at nature at its best.

With 4 miles of footpaths within the garden, you can get lost, meet new friends or have a freshly brewed coffee whilst the children have some entertainment. You can walk in groups and if there’s someone that you know that can’t walk for long or is disabled, you can borrow their motorised buggy free of charge.

Rated one of the 80th finest gardens in the world, it is definitely a place you should have on your bucket list. For more information, you can contact Trebah Garden.

Contact Details

Trebah Garden Trust, Mawnan Smith, Nr Falmouth Cornwall, TR11 5JZ

Telephone: 01326 252200

Email: [email protected]


Tresco Abbey Garden

Tresco Abbey Garden is home to thousands of exotic plants from across the whole world. In this garden, there is a microclimate perfect to experience what it is like to be in a tropical paradise. Adding onto the paradise is a museum which features relics and figureheads from shipwrecks around the islands nearby.

Image Sources: Great Gardens of Cornwall

To get there you can either take a flight to a neighbouring place, St Mary’s from Lands End, Newquay or Exeter. If you want to take your vehicle with you, you can take a ferry from Penzance. In the near future, there is a plan to establish a direct helicopter link to the garden. Whan an entrance that would be.

Now after the trip you could take a boat but why not spend some time in a luxurious cottage large enough for your whole family. If that’s too traditional for you, why not take a couple off in the Sea Garden Apartments overlooking the serenity of the garden. During spring, flowers bloom earlier on the mainland and once its near summer you really notice the colours of the garden. Now let’s say you want to come here as a group or even as a school. Well, that’s something this garden can accommodate. Just get in contact or if you have any other enquiries contact them on the below.

Contact Details

Copyright Tresco Estate, Island Office, Tresco, Isles of Scilly, TR24 0QQ

Telephone: 01720 424105

Email: [email protected]


Eden Project

You’ve probably heard of the Eden Project. This is Cornwall’s best-known attraction after all. It consists of landscaped greenhouses, biomes consisting of varied temperature and tropical plants. The greenhouses or best known as a dome recreates the temperature that you expect to feel at a tropical rainforest in South America, Africa etc and you may think it’s small. However, it is big enough for you to understand what there is outside of the UK. There is always something new to learn at Eden.

Image Source: Great Gardens of Cornwall

Getting to Eden requires a bit of travelling. However, if you were to end up walking or taking a bike, you can get yourselves a discount whilst children the age of 15 goes free with you. There’s something for you to do with your family ranging from Ice skating to taking part in programmes.

Give it a think and if there are any queries ask away on the following;


Contact Details

Cornwall, Bodelva, Eden Project, PL24 2SG

Telephone: 01726 811 911

Phone: 01726 811 911


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