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Why Should You Visit Cornwall?

Why Should You Visit Cornwall?

Cornwall is a lucious and fantastic place to visit, especially with the amount of amazing photography there is on the internet. But besides the view, what else is there to do in Cornwall, and why should you visit?

Reasons To Visit Cornwall

There are many reasons why you NEED to visit Cornwall, even if it’s just for a day. We took our time to write this article on the biggest reasons why you should visit.


The beaches are by far, by opinion, one of the main reasons to visit Cornwall. Being able to set yourself in a photography setting is very relaxing, especially with the Cornish sea washing up nearby and the wind hitting your face, it makes it the perfect holiday setting!


Cornwall is quickly becoming known as a place for a food haven with many Michelin starred chefs scattered throughout the restaurants in Port Isaac and Padstow and further food festivals located in Padstow Rock, St. Ives and Porthleven. They showcase the finest food products within Cornwall and they happen throughout the year.

Sub-Tropical Gardens

Thanks to the luscious climate Cornwall and the Cornish sea has, Cornwall has many sub-tropical gardens that you can use as a conversation starter. There is plenty to discover within one of the largest global greenhouses known as ‘The Eden Project’. You can very easily get lost under the canopies of the ‘Lost Gardens Of Heligan’ or, if you wish, treat your eyes see Trebah and Glendurgan own secluded beaches.

Myths & Legends

Cornwall has such a rich history and many myths and legends. From mermaids to giants and saints to pesky piskies, there are more myths and legends dedicated to so. There are many attractions dedicated to these myths and legends, such as King Arthur’s tintagel, the museum of witchcraft and the magic boscastle. It’s endless, so if you’re into fantasy, you will love the legends of Cornwall.

Art & Culture

Cornwall has always been a home to creative arts and has been a natural home for creative people to get their inspiration or ideas. Since the very early 19th century, you will find no country that’s home to as many artists as Cornwall. Since this is the case, Cornwall has many art attractions you can visit, such as the Minack Theatre, Tate St Ives, and the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Castles

Cornish Ice Cream

On top of all this, you can visit everything above whilst holding a fresh and gorgeous cornish ice cream. Many parlours are scattered across Cornwall, but a few have the best and most fresh ice cream you can get. We wrote an article on ice cream parlours and the ones you should visit, you may find it helpful.


Watersports has always had a place within Cornwall. Many watersport lovers come here to surf and in due time has created a huge surfing community. Since Cornwall is surrounded by ocean, it means there is a big and easy opportunity to sail, swim, surf or even take a boat trip whenever and wherever you’re based.   We hope this article suits you well and has given you many reasons why you need to visit Cornwall at some point in your life.
Best Ice Cream Parlours In Cornwall

Best Ice Cream Parlours In Cornwall

When travelling to the lovely setting of Cornwall, you have plenty of attractions, beaches and restaurants to visit, you can check out our other articles on them too. However, walking about Cornwall with a nice ice cream is very fitting for the scenery, which is why we have this article naming the best ice cream parlours.

The Top Parlours In Cornwall

Roskilly’s Organic Farm

Roskilly’s ice cream has earned a name for making ice cream with a cow to cone experience. Based within the Lizard Peninsula, the milk used in the ice cream makes the signature scrumptious cornish ice cream that is under Roskilly’s name. Since Roskilly’s is locally sourced, you can visit the Jersey cows to see exactly where it came from.   Furthermore, the luscious milk is used in other products too, such as their cream tea!

Moomaid Of Zennor

At the far west side of Cornwall, you can find an ambitious parlour full of ice cream and past stories. The milk comes fresh from the farm they own, full of friesian cows, and are able to deliver over 30 jaw dropping flavours. The perfect place to start when going on a cornwall adventure.

Callestick Farm

The great part about Cornwall is how fresh the milk used in the ice cream is as it’s just round the corner. A very small crowd of Fresian cows live on this small field of Callestick based at the north of Cornwall. The Parker family, who looks after this farm, are extremely friendly and caring towards these cows, so you can expect the most luscious ice cream ranging to 26 different flavours for you to try. 

Chapel Porth Beach

The national trust cafe is famous for running and serving many types of ice cream, but most notoriously the ‘hedgehog’ ice creams. No, it’s not made of hedgehog, rather a clever combination of Cornish ice cream drowned in clotted cream, further topped with hazelnuts, delicious!


Out of all of these ice cream parlours, one of the most pure parlours is Jelberts right at the seafront of Newlyn. There are lots of types of vanilla ice cream and it's by far the best vanilla around the entirety of Cornwall. Jelberts know their stuff, and they love to keep things simple just to simply treat themselves straight from the cows they own.


Known for the specialty, Treleavens is a Cornish ice cream parlour with it’s extra touch of finesse. It’s the ice cream served in the top restaurants across Cornwall, with many variants of flavours. Ever wondered what a vodka pink grapefruit flavour tastes like? Treleavens loves their strawberries and cream flavour, but have many others like toffee fudge, offering a new world of taste!

Mr B’s Ice Cream Parlour

If you liked the sound of Treleavens for its variety, you’re in for a treat. Travel to the centre of Hayle to see Mr B’s Ice Cream Parlour full of variety and flavour. From the early classic flavours to the jaw dropping flavours you never knew existed. Mr B has many flavours, including; pic-n-mix, gingerbread, marshmallow, pistacio and it goes on!   We hope you found this article interesting and helpful. If you ever travel to Cornwall (as we would recommend) definitely grab yourself a fresh and flavoured ice cream for your adventure.