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Activities for Thrillseekers Visiting Cornwall

Cornwall is often thought of as a place made for families, and in part that is true, however, there are also many different attractions suitable for people who live for the rush of adrenaline. The activities are a thrillseeker’s dream and all of these can be done throughout. If you're going on holiday as one of the older kids in the family, or a group holiday full of people pursuing adventure, then these are the activities for you. 


Where: Perranporth

Price: From £239

Skydiving is the ultimate fantasy for any thrillseeker, and at Perranporth, you have the opportunity to go with a partner or fly solo. You will feel as free as a bird as you dive from a minimum height of 10,000 feet. They also offer a system where if you are doing a jump to raise money for charity then you can have what is known as a “free jump”. So whilst you are ticking an item off of your bucket list you can also be helping those in need through these challenging times. 

Ziplining and Hangloose

Where: Eden Project 

Price: From £15 

If skydiving isn’t your style, then how about ziplining over the Eden project, or doing a freefall! This is one of the cheapest activities available to thrillseekers in Cornwall so if you are looking for an amazing activity that is also going to be budget-friendly then this is perfect for you. You can also choose to book packages so that you have the opportunity to have a go at all the available activities, including the zipline and obstacle course in the sky. 


Where: Peryn

Price: £38

Cornwall is known for its gorgeous waters and this quarry is no different except you don’t have to worry about varying tides. Via Ferrata coasteering gives you the option of jumping off of natural crevices in the rocks as well as set platforms ranging in heights from 3m to 5m. This activity is great for anyone aged 8+ but for the thrill-seeking adults, you can push your limits and jump from great heights for a great rush of adrenaline. 

Aquapark Fun

Where: Peryn

Price: £20

Located just down the road from the coasteering activity, is the Kernow Adventure Park, where you can get involved in their amazing Aquapark which is an obstacle course, on the water! This activity is available to everyone 6+ so if your kids complain about being bored, this is one activity that will definitely bring excitement. The course has a range of obstacles such as trampolines and free-fall slides. So although this may not be the scariest activity on this list, the adrenaline rush will come from you feeling like a kid again. 

Indoor Climbing 

Where: Peryn

Price: From £4.95

If water activities aren’t your thing, or if the British weather decides to rain on your parade then don’t worry! In Peryn, you can visit Granite Planet Climbing Centre where you can take on their indoor climbing walls. So instead of staying in with the time of your holiday slipping away, visit this indoor climbing centre and see how high you can climb! All safety equipment necessary is available to hire at the centre. 

So if you're planning a trip to Cornwall and are feeling brave, check out some of these activities and have the thrill of your life down here in the south west.