Why You Should Take A Staycation To Cornwall

Reasons To Travel To Cornwall

With Covid-19 still causing problems all over the globe, Cornwall is very appealing for many reasons. From the food to the landscapes and bundles of different activities, whether you are planning a couples retreat or a family holiday, Cornwall is perfect for everyone, and here are the reasons why. 

Cornish Food

One of the reasons why Cornwall is so popular among Brits for staycations is the delicious food the coast has to offer. They have incredible fish and chips that come straight from the ocean in front of you. They have an abundance of fresh seafood such as prawns, king crabs and fresh lobsters, which you can enjoy in one of the 41 Michelin-star holding restaurants in Cornwall.   Of course, not everyone enjoys fish so why not try a traditional cornish pasty that Cornwall is famous for, crisp golden pastry typically filled with juicy beef, swede and potato. And the perfect dessert is of course a scone with fresh clotted cornish cream and jam. 

Cornish Beaches

Another reason you should take a staycation to visit Cornwall is the extraordinary beaches along the coast. The golden sands and clear waters would make you think that you’re in the Caribbean. Since the climate in Cornwall is perfect for tropical plants such as palm trees, bamboo trees and giant hibiscus flowers, you really will feel like you’re abroad. There are also some beaches hidden in steep cliff coves with crashing waves perfect for water sports.

Cornish Waves

For thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush during their holiday,  the high waves on the beaches provide the perfect setting for various different water sports. Cornwall is famous for surfing, and along the coast, you will find many surf shops as well as businesses offering surfing lessons for people of all ages so the entire family can get involved.

Cornish Cliffs

If you are looking for even more of a thrill, there are an abundance of beautiful cliff diving spots all over the coast, which are also perfect areas to go rock hopping and cave exploring with some very picturesque scenery. If you aren’t one for taking such a big risk, there are many different boat trips available so you can experience the views and sea breeze comfortably.

Nighttime Cornish Sky

After a busy day of activities and eating, why not visit one of the parts of Cornwall that have been awarded the Night Sky Status. This means that there is very little amount of light pollution in these areas that you are able to stargaze with the naked eye. You can keep a lookout for shooting stars whilst listening to the calming sounds of the waves hitting the shore. It would be the perfect end for a romantic evening on a couples retreat or a memorable moment to have with the kids running around chasing the stars. 

The History Behind Cornwall

Cornwall also has an extensive history with remains that you can still go and visit. You can visit Tintagel Castle which has many links to the stories of King Arthur and over 1500 years of history. Located just below the castle is Merlin’s cave, which is believed to be where Merlin lived, you will have to go early though as the caves can quickly fill with water at a high tide.   You could also visit the shipwreck treasure museum which is in the town where the hit BBC drama series Poldark was filmed. For something a bit more gritty, why not go exploring in Bodmin jail. This is the site where the crown jewels were hidden during World War II.    So with excellent food, thrilling activities, romantic nights and historical sights, there truly is something to keep the whole family happy in Cornwall. With Coronavirus restrictions still making it difficult to go on holiday abroad, Cornwall is the perfect answer for your summer getaway. 
Blackrock (Widemouth Bay) Review

Blackrock (Widemouth Bay) Review

Blackrock, also known as Widemouth Bay is a beautiful and vast landscape, so big, that you can very easily notice the tide difference at different times of the day. In this short article, we are going to review this bay based in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Out of all the beaches, an ice cream along here as you barefoot through the sand can be extremely relaxing. The beach stretches across nearly 2 miles and is only 3 miles away from the popular town known as ‘Brude’.  You’d be surprised that this open vast plain of sand houses many facilities that you would need for a standard family day out. Plus, to make things even better, there are cafes and toilets dotted around along with a lifeguard if you wish to swim (only during the summer months). If you’re a surfer, this beach is great news to you as it can get very windy, creating the best waves suitable for surfing. To your surprise, Widemouth bay is the landing point of communications that transmits signals to other countries from the UK. It is highly known as the ‘trans-atlantic hotline’, connecting communication from Downing Street in the UK to The White House in the US! Towards the south side of this vast plain, it begins to be very rocky, so this is great if you like rock pooling (when the tide is low). You’d be surprised how much marine life there is around this area, it's a beautiful sight!  The rocky area in Widemouth Bay is known as ‘Black Rock Beach’. If the tide is high, black rock beach becomes isolated, so stay alert on the tide and leave the area when it picks up.  Going back to the surfing point, Widemouth Bay is known for winning the Blue Flag Beach Award in 2019. This is awarded to those with excellent water qualities and education regarding the environment.  To make this experience better, the car park you use is completely free of charge! So you can enjoy its jaw-dropping panorama with ease. Surfers will most likely be towards the north end of the beach, cracking waves against the reef. Dogs are welcome throughout the year but only on the south side (black rock beach). The northern part operates a season ban on dogs coming to that part of the beach between May 15th and September 30th (or the summer in other words). Surfing is suitable for beginners to experienced surfers, however, there are dangers of high tide rocks in the middle and south side of the beach.
How Good Is Surfing In Cornwall UK?

How Good Is Surfing In Cornwall UK?

How good is surfing in Cornwall?

Cornwall County has a variety of attractions that make it a popular destination throughout the year. The milder climate is an allure to all Britons. The ideal location bordering the Atlantic Ocean provides a long coastline suitable for maritime sports. Cornwall has close to two hundred beaches that complement the variety of sports and especially surfing.  Surfing is a sport whereby one rides on the top of a wave while standing or lying on a surfboard. There are numerous surfing spots. Certain spots satisfy the dream of a surfer. Surfers are travellers and are always in search of the ultimate wave. Beaches do not have the same wave quality. Surfers sit within proximity as they have identified the wave that brings the best thrill.  At Cornwall, several beaches are renowned around the world. Various factors determine a surfing spot. Firstly, there is a wide swell window. A swell is a subsequent series of mechanical waves that move along the interface between water and air. Reliable offshore winds facilitate this.  Secondly, there is to be a long-wave face. The wave face ought to break down steadily. An ideal surf spot should provide these waves throughout the year. The long stretch of beach and warm temperatures has made Cornwall the United Kingdom's surfing capital. It hosts several professional surfing competitions in Europe. The most visited surfing beach in Cornwall is the Fistral beach at Newquay. Fistral beach provides swells of up to eight feet. Many individuals rush here in the summer as it gets crowded. It is amongst the best-surfing destinations. High cliffs and dunes support the beach. It has held several surfing competitions such as the Famous Night Surf, Broad Masters championship, and National Surf championship. Gwithian beach has a long beach supported by dunes which makes it ideal for surfing. The constant swell throughout the year brings in many enthusiasts.  There are several shops and restaurants for enthusiasts. Many shops offer surfing gear for hire at affordable rates. Once at Cornwall, one cannot lack a surfing spot. This makes it the ideal surfing destination due to its numerous locations. Cornwall is a popular surfing destination as it also provides surfing training. There are several surfing schools for beginners. The Escape Surf School at Newquay has over fifteen years’ experience teaching surfing. Training involves how to hold the surfboard and get to feet to surf. Stabilising the surfboard is critical to enjoying the surf.  Fistral Beach Surf School is open throughout the year and enjoys the most surf training in the United Kingdom. General surfing safety tips are available. These include keeping a safe distance from other surfers and the board's position when a wave is coming.  There are plenty of other schools in Cornwall. These include Padstow to Bude and other areas. If one is seeking to surf in the UK, then Cornwall County provides the best surfing spots. Those with limited experience are welcome as there are several training facilities. The professionals are encouraged to sign up for one of the surfing competitions and display their skills amongst the best.