Why People Should Choose To Go To Cornwall For Their Holidays In 2022

Why People Should Choose To Go To Cornwall For Their Holidays In 2022

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy some quality time with the family, and it is a time to heal The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy quality time with the family, and it is a time to heal and relax because being behind four walls can be exhausting. The beach is one of the preferred destinations for families because of the sunshine, and the kids can play in the sand all day. One place you can find the beach and a good time in Cornwall. This guide will show you why you should visit Cornwall and how you will have a good time.

Beautiful Scenery

Cornwall offers beautiful scenery, and we are in an age where images capture the heart’s desires. It isn’t easy to forget a good picture and beautiful landscapes. The family will have the time of their lives as they update their Instagram feeds with wonderful coastal sceneries that make Cornwall so special. Take a stroll along the beach, all the way to Holywell Bay and discover what Cornwall offers.

Top Foodie Destination

If you have the appetite for a good meal, Cornwall is one of the destinations in the UK with quality food and drink. Cornwall is known for its Cornish Pasties, Cream Teas, and famous chefs Rick Stein, John Torode, Jamie Oliver, and Paul Ainsworth have restaurants on Cornwall’s shore. Eating out shouldn’t pose a problem because of the great pubs and cafes with great views overlooking the beach. Cornish anglers catch a variety of fish that chefs could use to whip up some amazing meals. The new restaurant Alcatraz bar and café is twice as nice as the other eating joints because it is built on the site of a former World War II gun store. The restaurant has wonderful views that will capture your imagination.

Cornwall has the best Beaches

Cornwall has captivating beaches, and it’s not just the sand and the sunsets but the tranquil environment the beach offers. For those new to Cornwall, Perranporth is an absolute gem because surfers can enjoy the waves and the sheltered coves, and you can walk with your family for miles as you enjoy the beaches.

Holywell Bay is a sight for sore eyes because it offers distinctive offshore islands used in TV shows to show the land’s splendour. Crantock Beach has high dunes and caves that make it a destination you wouldn’t want to miss. If you love swimming, you could take a dip at the Gannel Estuary because it has a flat swimming area at high tide.

Quality Accomodation

Families look for accommodation that could suit their needs depending on their size and preference. There are posh hotels and B&Bs with all the amenities you may need because it gives off a feeling of a home away from home. There are cool campsites for those who want to escape the suffocating city atmosphere.

Most families prefer locations where they could self-catering and cook their meals because the basic essence of a holiday is to enjoy quality time while eating the food you love. Families can rent lovely cottages, houses and apartments for the week and have an experience they will never forget.

Fast Internet and a Strong Transport Network

Cornwall has fast internet speeds because it is a landing point for high-speed fibre optic cables, making it an important hub for Europe’s internet infrastructure. The hotels, houses and businesses in Cornwall are all connected to the internet, and it allows you to work on urgent matters on holiday.

Cornwall also has a strong transport network making the destination easily accessible for people who wish to go on holiday. Cornwall Airport Newquay is one of the fastest-growing regional airports in the UK. It has enabled more people to access Cornwall, and more people are travelling down to the sandy beaches to have a good time.

Final Thoughts

Cornwall has proven to many tourists of its safe and friendly ambience because there has been a reduction in crime rates, and it is currently one of the lowest in the UK. The people at Cornwall are welcoming because they offer curated tours around the county. The holidays are just around the corner so why not take this chance and have the time of your life at Cornwall county.

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