Easter Activities To Do In Cornwall

Easter Activities To Do In Cornwall

Easter is just around the corner, in case you want to make it fun in Cornwall, worry no more cause we got you covered with a variety of activities to do during this period. Be it you are taking your family along, friends or just an alone time. We have every activity lined up just to ensure you enjoy your Easter holidays.

These are the various activities that you can participate in during this period.

Easter Art Trail

This activity will take place from 6th to 19th of April at Falmouth Art gallery, the fal culture challenges each family that will be involved in this activity to find Easter themed artwork that will be hidden in the nearby Kimberly park,such an activity gives you time to bond with your family in a fun way, it also creates good memory for you and your family during this period of time. since a winner always deserves to be motivated, the Fal culture will ensure that you are awarded with an Easter egg.

The Easter at Knightor Winery

This activity will take place from 2 to 4 of april at Austell,you are all invited to join this Winery for a weekend of delicious food takeaway . They serve you chips and fish takeaway during this time. They even make it better by roasting dinner on sunday. This is a better way for you to meet new people and also bond with your family.

Children Treasure hunt at rock pool

During the Easter long weekend, the Rockpool beach will not be left out since it will be hosting this activity for kids of any age. This is a wonderful way to keep your children entertained while you as an adult take part in any other activity that excites you. Moreover any child that will be able to find the letter will also be awarded as a way of motivation.

Easter Digital Costumed life drawing

This is an activity that involves drawing ,it will be streaming live from the poly where you are challenged to draw by choosing from Knights or pirates. you are also allowed to draw any other thing that makes the Easter period Unique. this kind of activity helps you to explore your talent and manage very many Other things

St Endellion Easter Festival

St Endellion are sharing digital offerings with you over the weekend. they have made it possible for you to watch your family at the comfort of your home. such movies will help you bond with your family just at the comfort of your home. it will also help your family grow spiritually.

In case you crave bonding with an outsider, you can find it being aired in village cinema.

Easter at Cotehele

This is a nature Easter Activity that will be found at Cotehele, they have several family friendly trails with fun activities to do along the way. This will help you relax your body since it is a form of exercise. additionally it will also be an activity that you get to enjoy with your family.

Being considerate, you will be able to chocolate at the end of trail as a form of appreciation for participation.

Easter at the lost garden

This garden is located at St Austell, across the garden and the estate, there are historical camellias and Rhododendrons put on their dazzling spring performance.

The Heligan orchard will be decorated with beautiful Easter colours Inspirations. and down on the east lawn everyone will be invited to write their Easter wish before attaching it to get granted on the created Easter wish tree.

So in case you are wondering what to do during the Easter period , no need to since there is plenty of activities going on here in Cornwall for you to take part in.

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