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The Most Fun Things To Do In Cornwall Throughout September

Cornwall is a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year, but there’s something special about September in the county. The summer holiday season is over, and everything feels a little more relaxed. Every September, Cornwall comes alive with fun things to do. From festivals and fairs to guided walks and countryside activities, there are plenty of exciting ways to spend your time here during this wonderful month.

Trewithen Classic Car Show

There are many classic car shows and car rallies, but none can match up to the Trewithen Classic Car Show. The event is usually organized by enthusiasts and owners of classic cars who get together to show more than their cars. It is an appreciation of the beauty of cars that any car owner should look forward to.

Sample Cornwall’s Cuisines

September is a great time to sample the county’s best cuisine. There are plenty of food festivals and special events throughout the month, including the Great Cornish Food Festival. There’s also the Eden Festival of Food that also happens once a year and is dedicated to celebrating the county’s food.

Take A Fantastic Day Trip

There are a number of fabulous places to visit in Cornwall throughout September. One of the most popular ones is The Eden Project, located in St Austell near Penryn in the southwest of the county. This is a fabulous place to visit, and you’ll find plenty of fun things to do here during this wonderful month.

The Eden Project has an annual festival during September and October, which attracts visitors from far and wide. Besides the attractions, there are many free activities for children and adults.

Visit The Beaches In Cornwall And Enjoy Some Sun

The beaches in Cornwall are another great option for a fantastic day out, and you’ll find this is yet another place that hosts plenty of events throughout September. Strands Beach, near Newquay, is one of the most popular during September, with lots of fun things to do and see here simultaneously.

You could also go to St Ives, a regular visitor spot for many people who love its stunning beaches. Other beaches include Sennen Beach, Godrevy Beach, Perranporth Beach, and Marazion Beach.

Visit Bodmin Moor For One Fantastic Adventure

The world-famous Bodmin Moor is another great option for a fantastic day out in September. The moor has many activities, such as bird watching, nature walks and exploring ancient sites.

The views across the moor are stunning and have inspired various paintings over time, including John Constable’s The Haywain by Moonlight over Bodmin Moor. They are a sight to behold.

Visit Land’s End, The End Of England

Land’s End is one of Britain’s most famous and photographed landmarks. You will be able to see large-scale, beautiful vistas as you make your way through the tip of Cornwall.

You can do many things here, such as enjoying a stroll along the ocean shoreline, taking in some spectacular views from the nearby cliffs and viewing an array of marine flora and fauna that thrive within its waters. The experience is one not to be missed.


September is filled with activities you can enjoy year-round, especially during the fall. With cooler evenings and the leaves changing colour, there are so many things to do in Cornwall this month. From festivals celebrating cider and apples to ghost walks perfect for those who love scary stories, there are many ways to embrace the month in Cornwall.

Blackrock (Widemouth Bay) Review

Blackrock (Widemouth Bay) Review

Blackrock, also known as Widemouth Bay is a beautiful and vast landscape, so big, that you can very easily notice the tide difference at different times of the day. In this short article, we are going to review this bay based in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Out of all the beaches, an ice cream along here as you barefoot through the sand can be extremely relaxing. The beach stretches across nearly 2 miles and is only 3 miles away from the popular town known as ‘Brude’.  You’d be surprised that this open vast plain of sand houses many facilities that you would need for a standard family day out. Plus, to make things even better, there are cafes and toilets dotted around along with a lifeguard if you wish to swim (only during the summer months). If you’re a surfer, this beach is great news to you as it can get very windy, creating the best waves suitable for surfing. To your surprise, Widemouth bay is the landing point of communications that transmits signals to other countries from the UK. It is highly known as the ‘trans-atlantic hotline’, connecting communication from Downing Street in the UK to The White House in the US! Towards the south side of this vast plain, it begins to be very rocky, so this is great if you like rock pooling (when the tide is low). You’d be surprised how much marine life there is around this area, it's a beautiful sight!  The rocky area in Widemouth Bay is known as ‘Black Rock Beach’. If the tide is high, black rock beach becomes isolated, so stay alert on the tide and leave the area when it picks up.  Going back to the surfing point, Widemouth Bay is known for winning the Blue Flag Beach Award in 2019. This is awarded to those with excellent water qualities and education regarding the environment.  To make this experience better, the car park you use is completely free of charge! So you can enjoy its jaw-dropping panorama with ease. Surfers will most likely be towards the north end of the beach, cracking waves against the reef. Dogs are welcome throughout the year but only on the south side (black rock beach). The northern part operates a season ban on dogs coming to that part of the beach between May 15th and September 30th (or the summer in other words). Surfing is suitable for beginners to experienced surfers, however, there are dangers of high tide rocks in the middle and south side of the beach.
Why Should You Visit Cornwall?

Why Should You Visit Cornwall?

Cornwall is a lucious and fantastic place to visit, especially with the amount of amazing photography there is on the internet. But besides the view, what else is there to do in Cornwall, and why should you visit?

Reasons To Visit Cornwall

There are many reasons why you NEED to visit Cornwall, even if it’s just for a day. We took our time to write this article on the biggest reasons why you should visit.


The beaches are by far, by opinion, one of the main reasons to visit Cornwall. Being able to set yourself in a photography setting is very relaxing, especially with the Cornish sea washing up nearby and the wind hitting your face, it makes it the perfect holiday setting!


Cornwall is quickly becoming known as a place for a food haven with many Michelin starred chefs scattered throughout the restaurants in Port Isaac and Padstow and further food festivals located in Padstow Rock, St. Ives and Porthleven. They showcase the finest food products within Cornwall and they happen throughout the year.

Sub-Tropical Gardens

Thanks to the luscious climate Cornwall and the Cornish sea has, Cornwall has many sub-tropical gardens that you can use as a conversation starter. There is plenty to discover within one of the largest global greenhouses known as ‘The Eden Project’. You can very easily get lost under the canopies of the ‘Lost Gardens Of Heligan’ or, if you wish, treat your eyes see Trebah and Glendurgan own secluded beaches.

Myths & Legends

Cornwall has such a rich history and many myths and legends. From mermaids to giants and saints to pesky piskies, there are more myths and legends dedicated to so. There are many attractions dedicated to these myths and legends, such as King Arthur’s tintagel, the museum of witchcraft and the magic boscastle. It’s endless, so if you’re into fantasy, you will love the legends of Cornwall.

Art & Culture

Cornwall has always been a home to creative arts and has been a natural home for creative people to get their inspiration or ideas. Since the very early 19th century, you will find no country that’s home to as many artists as Cornwall. Since this is the case, Cornwall has many art attractions you can visit, such as the Minack Theatre, Tate St Ives, and the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Castles

Cornish Ice Cream

On top of all this, you can visit everything above whilst holding a fresh and gorgeous cornish ice cream. Many parlours are scattered across Cornwall, but a few have the best and most fresh ice cream you can get. We wrote an article on ice cream parlours and the ones you should visit, you may find it helpful.


Watersports has always had a place within Cornwall. Many watersport lovers come here to surf and in due time has created a huge surfing community. Since Cornwall is surrounded by ocean, it means there is a big and easy opportunity to sail, swim, surf or even take a boat trip whenever and wherever you’re based.   We hope this article suits you well and has given you many reasons why you need to visit Cornwall at some point in your life.