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How Cornwall Celebrated The King’s Coronation

How Cornwall Celebrated The King’s Coronation

In today’s article, we will discuss how Cornwall celebrated King Charles III’s coronation and the activities that happened throughout the county.

What Happened?

Across the county in South Western England, several events were happening to celebrate the special day. This includes the following:

  • Big screens displaying the coronation as it happened live on television
  • Decorations with flags and crowns
  • A tea party at Hotel Meudon in Mawnan Smith
  • A quiz night at Cadgwith Cove Inn

Big Screens

If you just wanted to sit back and relax outside in the open air and the beautiful outdoors of Cornwall then these huge screens that displayed the live broadcast of the coronation of our King were the perfect choice for you! These screens popped up all over the county in places like Truro and Padstow and rightfully so as this event was essential to the country’s monarchy and history.

However, in places like Truro, people may have been put off by the chilly weather on the 6th of May, the day of the coronation, with temperatures around 10 to 15 degree Celsius. I would have recommended a coat or jumper for this.


With the coronation being an important event for the United Kingdom, people were able to show their celebrations for the King and Queen Consort with several forms of decorations related to the monarchy.

For example, in Truro, the Trafalgar roundabout hedgehogs were given a makeover with flags and crowns and it certainly turns some heads with the spectacle! Also, not too far away from Truro and to the southwest, in Carnon Downs, a crochet group knitted a woollen model of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla to be placed on top of a postbox just outside a local Spar shop. The same group also created a woollen banner to be attached to a hedge that says “King Charles III”, and decorated statues and telephone boxes with crowns and the country’s colours!

A Special Tea Party

At Hotel Meudon in Mawnan Smith, you could have a delicious meal to celebrate the newly crowned monarch with food to choose from including cakes, pastries, treats, different flavoured teas, and of course the traditional English tea. Guests were also offered a glass of champagne, to toast to our new King. 

The Hotel is still offering their afternoon tea until the 28th of May, so if you feel like having a nice lunch with friends or family, then you can book for £25, and continue the coronation celebrations through to the end of the month!

The Right Royal Quiz Night

Finally, to finish the day off, Cadgwith Cove Inn, near the Lizard Peninsula held a quiz night where teams competed to show off their knowledge of the country’s royal family and history, as the event's name describes. The Coronation festivities were also shown on the TV so that no one missed any of the action. 


We had a great time here in Cornwall celebrating the King’s Coronation. Cornwall has always had such a great community, and it’s big events like this when the county can come together and celebrate. Next time there is a national event, consider Cornwall your choice and celebrate with us! 

Written by Twice as Nice