Restaurants You Have To Try During Your Stay With Us In Cornwall

Cornwall is a favorite 'foodie' destination, where seasonal local produce, organic small-farm meat, and fresh-as-you-like seafood are celebrated.

Below are the seven best restaurants you can try out when you visit Cornwall.

Hub St Ives

The hub is an old favorite restaurant for many Cornish residents. The restaurant is located just opposite the lifeboat station in St Ives harbor. It is also popularly known for the Southwest's finest burgers.

They offer a modern menu of delicious burgers from aged Cornish rare breed beef. A hub is ideal for fantastic foods, sipping cocktails, and international and local craft beer, all while you watch the beautiful scenery.

Mickeys Beach

Mickey's beach bar and restaurant is a place where you can put your daily worries aside and have a good time. It is located directly on Exmouth beach seafront.

The restaurant offers the best local food and drinks in the area. It is also twice as nice as other restaurants since it offers you a place to chill and relax after a long stressful day.

Aside from the best food and drinks, the mickeys beach is a place to visit with the best cocktails, takeout meals, Apres beach dining, and music at Mikey's beats.

While at the restaurant, you also get to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets over the Lyme bay.

Edie's Kitchen, Carlyon Bay

Edie's kitchen is a restaurant located in the old market town of St Austell, South Cornwall, on the beach road in Carlyon bay. The restaurant is a reasonably priced hotel and an ideal place for family outings with local produce.

Edie's kitchen is a venue that is praised with a simple menu that includes an abundance of fresh fish dishes, among many options. The restaurant's menu changes regularly, offering fresh ingredients in flavorsome combinations.

The Ugly Butterfly

The ugly butterfly restaurant and bar is located at Carbis bay estate, Carbis bay saint Ives. It offers a spectacular view across the world's most beautiful coast, Carbis bay.

Ugly Butterfly is famously known for converting locally sourced, quality ingredients into beautifully presented British dishes. It also offers the perfect setting for a memorable all-day dining experience.

Its bar uses offcuts and trims from the ingredients used in the restaurant to create delicious drinks and snacks. As a leader in sustainable hospitality, the ugly butterfly restaurant and bar is a perfect home away from home.

Gurnard's Head

Gurnard's head is a bar along the cliff on the magnificent coastal route from St Ives to Land's end. The restaurant stands out since it is painted in a vibrant mustard color.

There is a garden to eat in in the summer, and in the winter, there is a roaring log fire to welcome you inside from the howling winds. Gurnard's head has a bar where you can order a snack and a pint of local beer or dine in the restaurant.

Additionally, the restaurant has a park. When you visit the restaurant, you may park there and have a beautiful walk down the cliffs where there are also rooms.

New Yard Restaurant

The new yard restaurant is located in a historic private estate at Trelowarren in Cornwall. The new yard is popularly known for its gardens and pantry.

You will get cakes, coffee, freshly baked pastries, and the famous wood-fired pizzas from the pantry. The restaurant also has small shops that sells locally made products and wine.

In addition, the new yard restaurant has a walled garden where they grow fruits and vegetables using the regenerative method.

Barbecue Thirteen

Barbecue Thirteen is at the heart of Exmouth, Located in the café district, about 5 minutes from the sea and the breathtaking Jurassic Coast.

When you visit the Cornwall, you should consider visiting the barbecue thirteen and enjoy the best barbecue in history.

You will also enjoy everything about fire cooking at Barbecue Thirteen. From the true smokey flavor you will expect from real coals to the awe-inspiring fire theater.

The restaurant uses fresh, seasonable, and locally sourced produce for its ingredients. Generally, at barbecue thirteen, there is something for everyone.


Why You Should Take A Staycation To Cornwall

Reasons To Travel To Cornwall

With Covid-19 still causing problems all over the globe, Cornwall is very appealing for many reasons. From the food to the landscapes and bundles of different activities, whether you are planning a couples retreat or a family holiday, Cornwall is perfect for everyone, and here are the reasons why. 

Cornish Food

One of the reasons why Cornwall is so popular among Brits for staycations is the delicious food the coast has to offer. They have incredible fish and chips that come straight from the ocean in front of you. They have an abundance of fresh seafood such as prawns, king crabs and fresh lobsters, which you can enjoy in one of the 41 Michelin-star holding restaurants in Cornwall.   Of course, not everyone enjoys fish so why not try a traditional cornish pasty that Cornwall is famous for, crisp golden pastry typically filled with juicy beef, swede and potato. And the perfect dessert is of course a scone with fresh clotted cornish cream and jam. 

Cornish Beaches

Another reason you should take a staycation to visit Cornwall is the extraordinary beaches along the coast. The golden sands and clear waters would make you think that you’re in the Caribbean. Since the climate in Cornwall is perfect for tropical plants such as palm trees, bamboo trees and giant hibiscus flowers, you really will feel like you’re abroad. There are also some beaches hidden in steep cliff coves with crashing waves perfect for water sports.

Cornish Waves

For thrill-seekers looking for an adrenaline rush during their holiday,  the high waves on the beaches provide the perfect setting for various different water sports. Cornwall is famous for surfing, and along the coast, you will find many surf shops as well as businesses offering surfing lessons for people of all ages so the entire family can get involved.

Cornish Cliffs

If you are looking for even more of a thrill, there are an abundance of beautiful cliff diving spots all over the coast, which are also perfect areas to go rock hopping and cave exploring with some very picturesque scenery. If you aren’t one for taking such a big risk, there are many different boat trips available so you can experience the views and sea breeze comfortably.

Nighttime Cornish Sky

After a busy day of activities and eating, why not visit one of the parts of Cornwall that have been awarded the Night Sky Status. This means that there is very little amount of light pollution in these areas that you are able to stargaze with the naked eye. You can keep a lookout for shooting stars whilst listening to the calming sounds of the waves hitting the shore. It would be the perfect end for a romantic evening on a couples retreat or a memorable moment to have with the kids running around chasing the stars. 

The History Behind Cornwall

Cornwall also has an extensive history with remains that you can still go and visit. You can visit Tintagel Castle which has many links to the stories of King Arthur and over 1500 years of history. Located just below the castle is Merlin’s cave, which is believed to be where Merlin lived, you will have to go early though as the caves can quickly fill with water at a high tide.   You could also visit the shipwreck treasure museum which is in the town where the hit BBC drama series Poldark was filmed. For something a bit more gritty, why not go exploring in Bodmin jail. This is the site where the crown jewels were hidden during World War II.    So with excellent food, thrilling activities, romantic nights and historical sights, there truly is something to keep the whole family happy in Cornwall. With Coronavirus restrictions still making it difficult to go on holiday abroad, Cornwall is the perfect answer for your summer getaway. 

The Best Local Takeaways And Food Delivery In Hayle

After a long day of exploring the lovely Hayle coast, headed back to your seaside home you might begin to get a craving for some food. Don’t feel like cooking? Here are the best takeaways and food delivery services in the local area.

Best Local Takeaways - Hayle

Smokey Joe’s of Cornwall

Visit their website here  Famed for their all-day breakfast, Smokey Joe’s offers both a takeaway and delivery service. They also offer vegan options so there is something on the menu so no one has to miss out, not to mention their wide variety of delicious homemade desserts available for those with a sweet tooth. They have a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor's website.

The Cornish Chef

Visit their website here The Cornish Chef offers a completely unique experience. They are a local catering company that offers restaurant style dinner parties in the comfort of your holiday home. Equipped with a fully trained chef, waiters and waitresses and personalised menus to cater to your every need including vegan options. They have a 5-star rating on google reviews.

The Cornish Italian

Visit their website here The Cornish Italian provides authentic Italian cuisine and has recently started up a delivery service aptly named TiramisUGO. This means that their classic Italian pasta and tiramisu can be delivered right to your doorstep for you to enjoy. They also offer vegan and gluten-free variations of their pasta dishes. They have a 5-star rating on google reviews. 

Ruby June’s Indian Kitchen 

Visit their website here If you’re in the mood for something spicy, Ruby June’s Indian Kitchen is the way to go. Indian is always a classic takeaway option and Ruby June is known for her incredible sauces, so much so that you can purchase her sauces so you can recreate her curries yourself. They also offer vegan curries for those who wish to choose this option. Ruby June’s Indian Kitchen has a 5-star rating on google reviews.

Phillips Famous Pasties

Visit their website here Maybe you just fancy a small (or big) bite for lunch, Phillips Famous Pasties are exactly as they’re named. They are very well known for their classic cornish pasties which also come in a vegan option. Their classic crust and filling combinations have people queueing down the street, and they also offer a delivery service. Phillips Famous Pasties have a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor. 

The Thai Chef 

Visit their website here  The Thai Chef is a family run business that has become a staple for those visiting Cornwall. You are able to take the authentic Thai food experience into the comfort of your own home with their takeaway option. They have items on the menu to suit everyone, whether that is mild or spicy, meat or vegetarian. They have a 4.4 rating on google reviews. 

Chandler’s Plaice

Visit their website here Of course, every seaside town is full of fish and chip shops, and Chandler’s Plaice is one of the best and you can take it away so you could either enjoy them right on the seafront or in front of the fire at home in the winter months. With their fish sourced locally, all of their fish is prepared on-site in this family-run business. They also have vegetarian options on their menu as well as meat rather than fish, and with kids meals available, the whole family can find something to enjoy. They have a rating of 4.5 on trip advisor.

Hayle Kebab House

Visit their website here  A classic takeaway is a kebab and pizza, and Hayle Kebab House does not disappoint. They serve authentic Turkish kebabs and over 20 different pizza topping options, which includes a create your own option. They also deliver directly to your house or holiday home. With vegan options and a kids menu, along with a 4.1-star review on google reviews, you are sure to find something on the menu to enjoy. With so many different options available to you, you really are spoilt for choice with amazing food for you to enjoy. You’ll definitely struggle to decide what to have! Hopefully, you will be able to find something on this list for you to enjoy after your busy day exploring the seaside. Let us know which one you would choose.