Why People Should Choose To Go To Cornwall For Their Holidays In 2022

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy some quality time with the family, and it is a time to heal The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy quality time with the family, and it is a time to heal and relax because being behind four walls can be exhausting. The beach is one of the preferred destinations for families because of the sunshine, and the kids can play in the sand all day. One place you can find the beach and a good time in Cornwall. This guide will show you why you should visit Cornwall and how you will have a good time.

Beautiful Scenery

Cornwall offers beautiful scenery, and we are in an age where images capture the heart's desires. It isn't easy to forget a good picture and beautiful landscapes. The family will have the time of their lives as they update their Instagram feeds with wonderful coastal sceneries that make Cornwall so special. Take a stroll along the beach, all the way to Holywell Bay and discover what Cornwall offers.

Top Foodie Destination

If you have the appetite for a good meal, Cornwall is one of the destinations in the UK with quality food and drink. Cornwall is known for its Cornish Pasties, Cream Teas, and famous chefs Rick Stein, John Torode, Jamie Oliver, and Paul Ainsworth have restaurants on Cornwall's shore. Eating out shouldn't pose a problem because of the great pubs and cafes with great views overlooking the beach. Cornish anglers catch a variety of fish that chefs could use to whip up some amazing meals. The new restaurant Alcatraz bar and café is twice as nice as the other eating joints because it is built on the site of a former World War II gun store. The restaurant has wonderful views that will capture your imagination.

Cornwall has the best Beaches

Cornwall has captivating beaches, and it's not just the sand and the sunsets but the tranquil environment the beach offers. For those new to Cornwall, Perranporth is an absolute gem because surfers can enjoy the waves and the sheltered coves, and you can walk with your family for miles as you enjoy the beaches.

Holywell Bay is a sight for sore eyes because it offers distinctive offshore islands used in TV shows to show the land's splendour. Crantock Beach has high dunes and caves that make it a destination you wouldn't want to miss. If you love swimming, you could take a dip at the Gannel Estuary because it has a flat swimming area at high tide.

Quality Accomodation

Families look for accommodation that could suit their needs depending on their size and preference. There are posh hotels and B&Bs with all the amenities you may need because it gives off a feeling of a home away from home. There are cool campsites for those who want to escape the suffocating city atmosphere.

Most families prefer locations where they could self-catering and cook their meals because the basic essence of a holiday is to enjoy quality time while eating the food you love. Families can rent lovely cottages, houses and apartments for the week and have an experience they will never forget.

Fast Internet and a Strong Transport Network

Cornwall has fast internet speeds because it is a landing point for high-speed fibre optic cables, making it an important hub for Europe's internet infrastructure. The hotels, houses and businesses in Cornwall are all connected to the internet, and it allows you to work on urgent matters on holiday.

Cornwall also has a strong transport network making the destination easily accessible for people who wish to go on holiday. Cornwall Airport Newquay is one of the fastest-growing regional airports in the UK. It has enabled more people to access Cornwall, and more people are travelling down to the sandy beaches to have a good time.

Final Thoughts

Cornwall has proven to many tourists of its safe and friendly ambience because there has been a reduction in crime rates, and it is currently one of the lowest in the UK. The people at Cornwall are welcoming because they offer curated tours around the county. The holidays are just around the corner so why not take this chance and have the time of your life at Cornwall county.

Pendennis Castle

Planning For The Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

Summer may seem a long way off and the weather outside is certainly not swimsuit grade yet. Nevertheless, it is never too early to start planning and what better to cheer you up than getting the holiday booked and out of the way? After all, you’ve been working hard and you deserve the perfect holiday for you and your family. Make sure that you get everything sorted and there are no hiccups! Here are a few tips that will help you plan for the best time to suit everyone.


The first thing you’ll want to establish is exactly where you want to go and what you want to do. Focusing on the latter, your location should be based on what exactly you want to do on your holiday, giving your plans a structure. This avoids you just showing up and realising there is nothing there that interests you. For example, you wouldn’t go to Spain if you wanted to ski, so make sure that everyone is on board and the activities that you want to complete are going to be provided in the area. Another important aspect of choosing the location of your holiday is where you want to be staying there. You should look at hotels that are relatively close to everything you want to do while on holiday, so there is no unnecessarily long road trips or walks to waste your time instead of enjoying yourself. Sometimes you can’t have everything though, so make sure that you have travel plans and know the best routes and methods of getting to locations beforehand.


What’s worse than travelling all the way to say, a nice restaurant and then being turned down because you didn’t make a reservation? That’s correct! Finding out that the hotel you had your heart set on has no more room because you didn’t plan ahead in time and reserve yourself a spot. If this does happen you’ll find that all your other plans may be affected as you might have to find somewhere further away or in an entirely different town. This can be a real shame and can bring on the holiday blues, so try to avoid this by simply giving yourself plenty of time not to worry and book your hotel as soon as possible. You should also consider any transport you might need to take, whether it’d be renting a car or travelling publicly via plane/coach/boat, and is well booked in advance. Nothing ruins a holiday faster than not being able to get there or do any of the activities. Don’t leave booking transport till last minute, as if you have paid for everything else not only do you not get to have your holiday, but you lose out on all the money you’ve spent.


Girl jumping on a beach As mentioned earlier, you should make sure that the area you are visiting includes the activities you want to complete, and it should be easy to organise it around your time. The activities you do should be more than one-sided. This is so that you are getting the most of the summer fun out of your holiday and enjoy more time with the family. For example, activities like bike riding are fun for the entire family, but they can be enjoyed along with going to the beach or can lead to the next activity. Activities should be enjoyable to both adults and children, especially during the school holidays within summer! You should consider flexibility when booking activities, alongside having backups in place just in case anything happens that could cause plans to change. Things like what the weather is going to be like and how bad the traffic is going to be are not always predictable. Problems can occur, so having plans in place that are flexible can help you to avoid being stuck doing nothing. Not all activities may be for you and your family as well. Consider looking into a various range of activities that everyone will enjoy.


Family under insurance umbrella This is especially important if travelling abroad! Not all countries have the privilege of free national health. You don’t want to add a bunch of hospital fees to your souvenir list! Everyone is susceptible to getting ill, and this is especially true when on holiday as you may come across an illness your body is not used to. This alone can ruin the holiday let alone having no insurance and having to pay out of your own pocket. Also, if you don’t have insurance, the likelihood of you being seen as soon as possible is very slim and you may end up having to stay there for a while. This affects the whole family and can lead to problems at home. This can vary from work-related dates to missing other important plans. Make sure you have good travel insurance and read between the lines so you aren’t left in the dust! Travel insurance can literally be a lifesaver in some cases. There are some really nasty diseases out there and they are more likely to infect you, especially if it is your first time visiting a new location. If you don’t have good travel insurance, you may get stuck in a hospital which may have low standards, alongside not receiving the best medical treatment possible. This can further delay going home and can lead to your problem getting worse. This is a terrible cycle leaving you with massive bills and even in rare cases can lead to permanent health problems. This is the last thing you need, so do the sensible thing and get your whole family insured on a good plan!