5 Places to take your children in Cornwall throughout the summer Holidays

5 Places to take your children in Cornwall throughout the summer Holidays

Throughout the summer holidays, it can be hard to find activities that your children will generally enjoy and be entertained by. However, if you are in Cornwall, there’s a variety of activities you can enjoy as a family which isn’t expensive to take part in.

If you are looking to take your children to different activities over the holidays rather than staying on the beach throughout your entire holiday, below will be some activities that your children will enjoy.

Tamar Valley Donkey Park, St Ann’s Chapel

At Tamar Donkey Park, you will experience nature at its best when it’s a sunny day.

This park is great for children who love animals as there are many animals to see such as Donkeys, Goats, Pigs, Sheep, Guinea Pigs, and Rabbits. That’s not all, as you go around the park, your children will be able to feed and pet the animals which is an exciting experience for them.

However, if it is an unfortunate day and it starts to rain, there’s an indoor play barn where your children can run and climb to use all their energy and most importantly have a good time. 

Their admission fees are affordable for a day trip. Children under 2 years are free and Children ages 2 to 16 are £8.50. For adults, the park costs £8.95 for you to enter.

Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf, Newquay 

If you visit Newquay, you need to take your children, to Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf. This will be a fun-packed day out for your children and there will be some surprises in store for them such as special effects thought the course, actors, that will make your children’s day and for educational purposes, there is plenty of history along the way.

This is an indoor Golf Course with realistic courses that gives you a real insight into the Golden Age of Piracy. If you are children are brave enough, there is a dark course which is known as Davy Jones’s Locker which you will be given glow-in-the-dark golf balls to use along the way.

To enter, Children ages 3-15 are £7.95 and those under 3’s can enter for Free. Adults can gain access to the park for £11.50.

Lappa Valley Railway

This exciting railway is located near Newquay and is the only attraction in Cornwall that can take you on a steam train ride into a full-filled adventure for your children to enjoy. Also, when arriving at Lappa Valley, you will also find a boating lake that allows you to experience the nature around you.

When visiting this funfilled attraction, if your child has a lot of energy to spare, they can use this to their advantage in the Lappa Valley adventure play areas.

To experience this attraction, Children under 3 years are free, Children aged 3-16 are £12.95 and Adults are £14.95.

Camel Creek Adventure Park

Camel Creek Adventure Park has a variety of activities for your children to enjoy and explore. You can experience the thrill of the rides the park has to offer, plenty of indoor entertainment on a rainy day and if your children like animals, you won’t be able to leave without going to visit the animals, there’s even a 5D Theatre experience to try.

When visiting the animals, the most popular are the two Meerkats which are called Coco and Jambo. You can even learn more about them every day at 2 pm which they love when an audience gathers around.

One of the many rides at Camel Creek is the Wave Rider. This ride allows you to go above and beyond to see the park from up high. It is a carousel that reaches up to 9 meters in the air.

The entry fee for this park is free for children under 92cm, £18.95 for infants between 92cm- 105cm, and £23.95 for Children and Adults over 105cm.

Dairyland Farm Park

Dairyland Farm Park has a number of fun-filled activities for your children to enjoy and have a memorable summer. The attractions they have are their animals that you can pet and feed, thrilling rides for your children to try, and play equipment to enjoy.

Their friendly animals love to interact with the children, and some of the many rides they have are a Go-cart ride to a Tractor ride through their nature trail. The Play area is also packed with exciting features such as a Ball Pool, Soft Play Areas, Drop Slides, and many more.

To enter this park, Children under 80cm are free, Children over 80cm are £12.95, and adults ages 15-60 are £14.95.

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