Seaside Treats You Can Find In Cornwall

Seaside Treats You Can Find In Cornwall

Cornwall is an area well known for its beaches, surfing, and fantastic views. But whether you are out ruling the waves or just relaxing, at some point you’ll want a bite to eat. Luckily for you, Cornwall sports some of the best cuisines at the seaside that one can get.

Fish And Chips

The national classic, but where would be better to eat it than at the seaside where it was caught just hours ago, lovely and fresh? Whether it’s cod, haddock, or any other fish, they’ve got it fresh in, and with an assortment of extras such as homemade chips, homemade sauces, lemon, and peas to really perfect the dish. Check out our blog post on the best Fish and Chip shops in Cornwall here


Cornwall is an excellent area for smaller seafood delicacies, such as scallops, lobster, mussels, and especially crab. All of the items are locally caught and are renowned for their taste, even compared to other coastal areas that specialise in seafood cuisine.


Made of sugar and glucose syrup, rock is a seaside classic. Handcrafted by experts, the sugary treat comes in many different flavours, colours, and lengths, it is gluten-free and vegetarian. Although rock originates from Blackpool, it is still readily available at the seaside across the country, including the many sweet shops in Cornwall.

Ice Cream

Available anywhere and everywhere, ice cream is a staple treat that we all know and love, but it gets even better when you can get it fresh and with no preservatives. Cornwall has no shortage of ice cream parlours, and the producers are local, ensuring that you only get the best. Not to mention that Cornwall has its own speciality ice cream, which although you can buy across the nation, can only get better when you’re at the source. If you’re an ice cream lover, then our list of the best ice cream parlours is the perfect guide. You can find it here.

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