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Best Sea Views In Cornwall

Best Sea Views In Cornwall

Further reading:    In today’s article, we break down the best potential sea views across Cornwall, this list was very difficult to choose from.

The Best Views For The Cornwall Sea

Best Sea Views In Cornwall St. Michaels Mount

St. Michaels Mount

To start our list we thought we would choose something impressive, and these words don't come from us, they come from the tourists that have visited St. Michaels Mount.   What is less impressive than a castle, sat high upon a steep hill and this hill is surrounded by the sea, making it one of the most beautiful sea views upon the cornish coast. From any possible angle, the mount is a jaw dropping few, its gorgeous scenery makes it a staple attraction, not only in Cornwall, but within the United Kingdom.   Off the coast of the Marazion, you can book to visit St. Michael’s Mount on your adventure to Cornwall.

Porthcurno Beach

Best Sea Views In Cornwall Porthcurno Beach

No matter what coastal path you take within Cornwall, it is difficult to find a place that isn’t beautiful.   Porthcurno is a sandy beach, with a gateway to the definition of gorgeous as you look out at the sea view. Most known for its luscious turquoise waters, Porthcurno beach is a place you cannot miss when travelling to Cornwall.   Anyone can visit the coast path of Porthcurno beach and is a very dog friendly place (only in july and august).

Portwrinkle Beach

Best Sea Views In Cornwall Portwrinkle Beach

Looe is one of the places to go when looking for the best views in Cornwall, but more specifically Portwrinkle beach is a great choice to visit.   Portwrinkle Beach is off the south of Cornwall, based in Looe. Originally, it was an old fishing village in the 17th century, making it a good tourist attraction choice if you can adventure without shops! It had a car park cafe, allowing you to relax and breath the Cornish air upon Portwrinkle beach.   Like Porthcurno beach, Portwrinkle beach has a seasonal ban in place for dogs (July & August are the only exceptions), but anyone can visit Portwrinkle beach at any time.

The Lizard Peninsula

At the south of Cornwall is where the Lizard Peninsula exists. It’s looks huge when stood upon the cliff tops, giving this area a place on the “best sea views in Cornwall” list.   What makes the Lizard Peninsula special is it’s extremely rare geology and scenery, making it a beautiful place for plants to grow. Surrounding the peninsula are restaurants that specialise in freshly caught seafood that you can snack on as the peninsula’s air hits your face, a true holiday resort.   With many things to do and many places to visit, the Peninsula is arguably the best place to visit in Cornwall and even the entirety of the UK.   Here at TwiceAsNice, we hope this article has helped you pick a place you would love to visit within while staying with us in Cornwall, UK.    We would love to hear about your experiences if you have been, thank you for reading.
A Dog Friendly Holiday in a Cornwall Chalet

A Dog Friendly Holiday in a Cornwall Chalet

Why should you have to go on holiday without your faithful furry companion? Come and stay with us at the beautiful seaside resort of Gwithian Sands, Hayle, Cornwall and enjoy a family holiday that’s suitable for all the family - 4-legged members included. Our beautiful chalets, nestled amongst the sand dunes along Hayle’s world famous 3 miles of golden sands, are perfectly positioned to cater to your family’s every need - and except in high summer, you can bring your dog or dogs for just a small (£30) charge per dog. By high summer, we mean 6th of July to 30th of August only. Outside of these few weeks, your pooches are as welcome as you and the rest of your family are. Relax on the decking in the gorgeous Cornwall sunshine, or be as active as you like and explore the miles and miles of walks across sand dunes, beaches, and even nearby woods. Or why not pop into historic Hayle for a wander down the pretty High Street and an ice-cream or two - after a traditional Cornish pasty, of course. You are holidaying in Cornwall, after all, and some traditions simply must be expected! https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/Msj1EXDl26_DPQOhJhSF6a2khrzP09ZuU6uwbqYBtkQdLljodoUN0baiLAY0JhScHwijwH17p205u02bm10UOLHygSyF-pzaOPNWQFr_oAeoXsvbnWPzgf8RrWa-CQflfWp5TXNE Don’t be shy of taking your dogs out and about round town with you - a surprising number of shops are dog friendly, likely as a result of the high numbers of holiday makers bringing their whole family to these picture perfect chalets for a well-deserved break. It’s exactly the same story in major towns nearby too - Redruth is a very dog friendly place to go shopping for the day; and if you want to go further afield we found the same to be true of the historic and beautiful town of Penzance. Looking for a destination trip for the day? The Cornish Seal Sanctuary welcomes dogs on leads, as does the famous Healey’s Cider Farm. In fact, with a little research into the lovingly placed tourist information pack contained within each of our Chalets, you’ll find somewhere welcoming for you and your dogs every day of your stay. If actually going places isn’t for you, well there’s good news about the dog friendly status of most of the nearby beaches! It’s worth checking - and your Chalet will contain a handy map allowing you to do just that! - because some of the beaches do operate a seasonal ban from April to October. However, this ban only covers the daytime - you can still take your dogs early morning or late evening - and who doesn’t love the thought of an early morning walk with their dogs on a beach in Cornwall?! You’ll find plenty to do and the time will fly past while you soak up the sun on the beach or back at your Chalet - and your faithful furry companions will love it too….just watch out for those local rabbits!! https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/how_h0ucMmTsN6PQj4ucrjd4wy02UnsTmSGhqMzUtGlaZsjQnRZGQn5UO48ZY3vlZsbh1yKUXpOcfErYb9UPTM84f0zi1333JnTmdnwVwCKgMjQrM0kub2aHWeTKYdoTXkDPWL7r