The Most Romantic Spots in Cornwall

The Most Romantic Spots in Cornwall


Want to surprise your partner or do you have a special romantic occasion? Cornwall has some stunning countryside and sea views for you and your partner to enjoy. Indeed Cornwall is a perfect place for a romantic getaway for couples. Apart from the beautiful sites there are to watch, you’ll find accommodation in luxury cottages. It could be on Valentine’s day, your anniversary, or your partner’s birthday, Cornwall will give you a romantic scenery to get intimate with your partner. If you are planning to visit Cornwall for a romantic getaway, here are some of the most romantic places you should definitely visit.

Minack Theatre

If at all you love watching some movies then Minack theatre should be your number one place to visit. An ideal date is having dinner and going to the movies. It’s an open-air theatre that’s carved into granite cliffs. It’s home to some of the most interesting live performances around. So why not grab a blanket and go down to the Minack theatre for an evening show with the sea before you and stars above you. For sure this theatre will give you a movie night that’s twice as nice as what regular movie theatres offer.

St Nectan’s Glen

For people interested in some magic, St Nectan’s Glen in North Cornwall will be the ideal romantic spot. The place has a stunning waterfall with sparkling waters, surrounded by ivy-clad trees. It’s a great hideaway for a fairytale-like moment. At times you might even spot some piskies or faeries hiding out in the trees.

St Michael’s Mount

For engaged couples or newlywed couples, climbing St Michael’s Mount is the perfect way to spend time in Cornwall. Climb all the way up and find the highest point of this bedrock which is visible at the side of the ancient church. It’s known to be a romantic place and you could probably make a romantic wish while touching the stone. It’s especially best for people who are about to get married.

Frenchman’s Creek

It’s on the Helford Estuary and it was the honeymoon location for Daphne and her husband. It’s also where the famous Du Maurier was inspired to write her romance novel about love and pirates. Frenchman’s Creek offers a lot of intimacy and serenity thanks to the footpath that runs beside the Creek. The area is filled with water birds whistling, giving you perfect nature walk scenery.

Porthgwarra Cove

For fans of Ross Poldark, head to Porthgwarra Cove that’s in West Cornwall. Here you get to recreate a lust-filled scene from this BBC One Series. It is the infamous spot where Ross Poldark goes swimming in the crystal clear water as Demelza Porthgwarra watches from the cliff tops. You can recreate that scene or go swimming with your partner. There’s even a Corner Cottage for rent that’s a perfect hideaway for lovely couples.

The Scarlet Hotel

Nothing is as romantic as watching the sunset together with your loved one. In Cornwall, you can enjoy this by visiting the Scarlet Hotel in Mawgan Porth. Indulge yourself in the spectacle of the sunset on a clifftop hot tub at the hotel. Make it even more interesting by sipping a bubbly drink with your loved one beside you.

Land’s End

If you’re looking for some beautiful scenery, then take the road down the coastal roads from St Ives to the popular Land’s End. With wind blowing in your hair, some good music on the stereo and stunning views on the way, you’ll definitely have the most romantic time in Cornwall. This drive is guaranteed to set the mood for love, which is what every couple wants.

Hopefully this list of romantic places in Cornwall will help you find the perfect place for your romantic getaway. All the best!

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