Dog Friendly activities and places to visit in Cornwall

Dog Friendly activities and places to visit in Cornwall

Cornwall offers the best experience ever for man’s best four-legged friend. There is a plethora of activities that will leave those tiny legs tired at the end of the day. From indoor activities in some historic buildings to outdoor activities in rainforests and gardens to twice as nice beaches, it will be fun for all involved. Don’t leave them at a kennel, let them tag along for an adventure of a lifetime while you are also on holiday. Below we shall have some of the endless activities and places to visit that are dog friendly.

Most of the stunning pubs and cafes are dog friendly, and very well-behaved dogs are a plus and can get treats. Hotels also offer dog-friendly accommodation. There is no need to leave the dog outside or in the room while out.

Beginning the day at the Eden project would offer massive biomes of large rainforests in captivity, with stunning flora and massive stories of exhibitions. The outdoor gardens are dog-friendly and only assistance dogs are allowed in the biomes. The family and dog-friendly activities on the paths and gardens offer adventure for the dogs.

The Geevor Tin mines are another excellent location for our furry friends to enjoy a day away from home. There are no restrictions above ground and the dogs should be on a lead and are allowed everywhere except the underground mines and the shop. Probably will not understand the history that way but they can tag along as you get to view the history and learn about the miners.

Healeys Cornish cyder farm offers a sociable experience for dogs and their owners. The cider tasting is a good way to enjoy the company and the sampling is a good way to keep the adults entertained for the trip, and the number of dogs around will certainly have them happily sniffing away. The pets will get to enjoy large outdoor areas with farm animals and free-roaming peacocks.

Another great attraction is Lappa Valley. Located near Newquay it is well known for still operating steam trains on the railway. For a small fee, dogs are allowed on trains, canoes and nature walks as long as they are leashed. There is also a flat on site for the overnight stays and it has a large garden for the dogs to run around while you enjoy some miniature golf.

One of The United Kingdom’s most famous amphitheatres’, The Minack, allows dogs to visit during the day. You can lead the dog around as you tour the granite edges and watch the ocean hit the cliffs from the outdoor seating steps. Dogs are not allowed during performance times but visiting outside these hours is a great way to enjoy family time in the tropical gardens.

There is an endless list of activities to do in the sun, especially on the sandy beaches. Most of the beaches allow for dogs all year round and you can dig in the sand or play in the ocean with your four-legged friend. Enjoy the sunset together and watch the dolphins without any limitations.

Rainy days should not mean that you can not have fun and stay dry at the same time. Some attractions allow you to have fun indoors like the Newlyn Art Gallery, The Pendennis Castle, and the Cornwall at War Museum, just to mention a few, allow for you to have fun indoors.

Traveling with your pet was not such a bad idea after all, enjoying the adventure and long-lasting memories along the way.

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