What is The Eden Project and Why is it Being Developed?

What is The Eden Project and Why is it Being Developed?

What is The Eden Project and Why is it Being Developed?

If you have ever been to Cornwall, or you have considered going, then the chances are that you will have heard of the Eden Project. Some of you may have even had the chance to visit this stunning marvel of science. If you have never heard of it, then no need to fear as we delve into what exactly the Eden Project is and its purpose.

What is The Eden Project?

The Eden Project is a popular attraction with tourists and is a must-see for those who have not experienced it. On first sight you will notice the strange but beautiful giant hexagonal domes that stand out like a sore thumb, you won’t miss it. Within these domes are two distinct microbiomes that each house their own and unique little worlds that you can explore.

Other than the biomes, there are many other indoor and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by all the family. There is an outdoor play area to let the children run wild as well as an indoor soft play area for the younger ones. If you fancy a bite to eat, head over to the Med Kitchen or one of the many other café’s and restaurants located on-site where you will be served fresh food, some of it even comes from the many gardens that you can explore.

There are two main biomes which can be explored at The Eden Project. The Rainforest Biome is home to the largest rainforest in the world that is held in captivity and even has a canopy that you can cross using a rope bridge if you fancy a bird’s eye view. Aside from this, there is also the Mediterranean biome which houses many exotic plants and exhibits. Each biome is made up of several domes that are joined together. They are joined by the Link building which acts as a crossover between the two.

The Eden Project is built over a historical clay pit which was in use for over 160 years! This site is quite famous too as films such as “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy” and after the visitor centre was built it was also used to film some scenes of the James Bond film “Die Another Day”. Many concerts have also been hosted by The Eden Project.

There are even some art exhibits that you can discover inside The Core which are constantly being rotated so there is always something new to see. One permanent installation, by Peter Randall-Page, is a giant oval-shaped sculpture which is titled “Seed”. This sculpture is made of stone, weighs around 70 tonnes and stands around 13 feet tall!

What is the Purpose of The Eden Project?

The Eden Project was first thought up way back in 1995 by a man named Tim Smit. Tim had just finished restoring the Lost Gardens of Heligan and was looking for a good location to showcase the world’s most important plants, the ones we need to make everyday goods.

There are many reasons why The Eden Project was set up but it was mainly to inspire rainforest conservation and conserve Britain’s wildlife. To do this, The Eden Project ensures that it is always educating the future generation to ensure that they know the importance of the rainforests and plants that can be found in them. The Eden Project also hosts many events to bring awareness to causes and bring communities closer together.

The Eden Project even has special relaxed sessions available for children who are on the autism spectrum to ensure that no matter who they are, the next generation is educated on the importance of these natural environments.

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