Directions to Twice as Nice Beach Chalets

Directions to Twice as Nice Beach Chalets

Directions to Twice as Nice Beach Chalets

Full Address: 52 Upton Towans, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5BL – the site map is above.

top down photo of twice as nice chalets

Twice As Nice Chalets are actually located at the rear of Atlantic Coast Holiday Park so that’s the entrance you’re looking out for from the main road, a big sign saying ‘Atlantic Coast Holiday Park’.

entrance to twice as nice chalets
When you first turn into Atlantic Coast Holiday Park, you will see that the road splits off three ways as you drive past the white reception / shop. (NB that’s the reception for Atlantic Coast Holiday Park, so Twice As Nice Chalets holidaymakers don’t need to stop there. You can however visit the shop to make daily purchases should you wish to do so).

To get to your chalet, you need to take the middle road as you go past the shop.twice as nice lane
When the road forks again, take the left turn and then keep going until you come to a permanent Chalet (like a little house) on the left-side corner in front of you.

Drive straight past that onto the grass and you’re now alongside the chalets – see the picture below, based on the picture you either need to turn left for the four chalets at the front or go straight ahead to one of the first three chalets you can see.

Twice as Nice Chalets
As you drive up to the chalets you’ll see the names and numbers (green box illustrates on picture above) next to the doors (if you go back to the first picture though, you’ll see we’ve added the numbers onto the roofs for you so you can plan exactly which chalet to pull up in front of!).

Enter the code we give you into the box at the side of the door to find your key, and hey presto you’re home!!


Enjoy your holiday!! 



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